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My Story,

If there was someone who had a plan to solve poverty, would you listen or be interested to hear what they had to say?

In writing my story, a part I want to share is when I found this work.

It was the Summer of 2013 when I first saw the book, Human Reality – Who we are and Why We Exist, the cover with the World as Its Eye and that the Author was Anonymous had caught my attention. I thought to myself who would write a book and not want any credit. I asked my brother if I could read it because we had a long ride ahead for a job in California. I was hooked ever since because the book made so much sense to me.

Long story short, I read all the books. I met, and had the pleasure to see our True Messenger in front and off camera. His persona is exactly the same. Someone who doesn’t seem to take himself very seriously, but he is a 100% serious when it comes to the work he is representing. I see it time and again, how he is judged or admired, depending on what people are searching for or not.

Yes, I believe he is who he claims himself to be. And if you want proof, you must take time to read the books. A good one to start with is the True History of Religion by the Real Illuminati, that answered all the questions I had about religion and it made sense.

You want further proof Look up the Humanityparty.com and study it’s platform and how it could positively change what we’re negatively experiencing today.

If the question at the beginning of my story didn’t interest you, neither would my life story. You see, this was the turning point in my life. This work reminded me of the person I always wanted to be. I will say there is nothing that had a more positive impact on my life than this work. It truly is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

Tino Saiki


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