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My name is Jerry Adam Pittman, and this is my story.

During the summer of 1985, a 15 year old high school student in Alabama gave birth to a baby boy (me); she (Celina) turned 16 the next month, and the father (Lolan) was a senior. They were both too young and too poor to have children, but it happened by “accident” anyway…lucky us, I guess. Five years later, my mom gave birth to her only other child, my little brother Matthew.

The earliest memories I have of my parents are waiting late at night for them to pick me up from daycare or my grandmother’s (Nanny’s) house because of how much they worked. Even on the weekends when they weren’t working, they often went out with friends, so I was either being babysat or had to tag along to their friend’s house, the bar, or wherever they went. I also remember being terrified of my father the majority of my young life, because his alcohol and anger issues often led to me being physically abused, while my mom did nothing to stop him. Well, she did take me to the fire department one night after he punched me in the chest and I lost my breath, so there’s that. The older we got, however, the more money they made, so the more trips we took (to the beach, theme/amusement parks, etc.), which is more than could be said of most other children. And, my basic needs were always met, and then some, so I’m not really trying to complain. They are definitely better grandparents than they were parents, so there’s that, too.

But anyways…

As a young child, I was obsessed with video games, super heros and others with magical powers, and anything/everything about Pokémon. Of course, my father encouraged (made me) play sports to “stay active,” but I was never really that athletic; I was taller than average, though, so basketball was the one I stuck with the longest (freshman year in high school was the last time I played competitively). My happiest memories of that time, though, are when I would go to the skating rink on Friday and Saturday nights and trade Pokémon cards with whoever else had them, and battle them in the video game to see who’s the best trainer. Even as I got older, I continued playing video games competitively online, often staying up till 3-4 in the morning, yelling at the T.V. Ah, those were the days!

In school, I was very outgoing and intelligent. I would often get so bored in class that I’d end up talking to other students, much to the frustration of my teachers. Despite consistently testing in the top 0.1% of other children my age every year, it was my “personality” that prevented the younger me from being a part of one-time events like Space Camp and National Junior Honor Society. By high school, though, I had become the President of our National Honor Society and VP of our class. This, on top of my several years in concert, marching, and jazz bands as well as above average scores on the ACT and placement tests allowed me to go to whatever college I applied for. These happened to be Auburn University, UAB, and Jefferson State CC.

Before getting to my college years, though, I must mention RELIGION, as it was a rather large part of my life as a young person. Being raised in the US “Bible Belt,” I was taught to believe in God and Jesus right along with being taught how to spell, do math, and everything else. There was no alternative, but I was happy enough spending time with friends at church. It wasn’t until I became friends with a boy named Adam, who, along with some of his family, identified as atheist, that I even considered there being another way of thinking and believing. He actually ended up being the person I roomed with my first year in college at Auburn University, where we both performed for their marching band for 2 seasons. We ended up only living together for 3 semesters, though, due to some … comments made about the relationship I was in at the time. However, our time spent together was long enough to have certain conversations about religion, God, etc. that started me on the path to doubt and question what I’d been taught to believe.

After those 3 semesters at Auburn University, I ended up coming back home to Birmingham to attend UAB while I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I THOUGHT I was going to pursue the path laid before me by my father to become an engineer, but after I began questioning the things they taught me about religion, it wasn’t long before I started questioning that career path, too. It was during this time that I met the woman I’d eventually marry, Melonie, which I’ll talk more about later. It was also during this short time at UAB, and the few years I attended Jeff State CC, I started investigating all the major religions of the world with the hope that I’d find some REAL TRUTH regarding God, faith, afterlife, etc. I noticed similarities between them, specifically each religion’s chosen “prophet” and what they taught, as the religions themselves were often as different as night and day. It wasn’t long before I was reading book after book, listening to video after video, all about the topics of spirituality, religion, and God.

A few disappointing years later, after being totally unsatisfied with what I’d learned about these topics, I did what could only be described as “giving up.” I cried on my front porch, accepting the fact that, in the “grand scheme of things,” my life was meaningless, and there is no God or life-after-death. There was just no REAL TRUTH to be found among any of the world’s “learned ones.” If it wasn’t for my wife and the 2 (at the time) children we had together, there’s no telling what horrible path I might have ended up on.

Now, about my wife Melonie; we were introduced to each other by a shared friend who was dating her younger sister at the time. Melonie was 24 when we met; I was only 20! She had been married before and was working full-time, so I felt way out of my league compared to her “life experience.” But, she apparently saw something in me she liked, because it was less than a year before she was pregnant with our first daughter, Cadence. My son Landon was born 6 years later, and my youngest, Della, was born in 2019. We’ve since learned that we have absolutely NOTHING in common, even to the point of being opposite in most aspects of our life, but we’re still together, so I guess opposites can attract.

During our time together, I had several jobs of varying pay, but wound up just being a stay-at-home father for our children while Melonie worked for a family business. It was also during this time that I finally finished school at Jeff State CC, earning a few Business Management degrees, which resulted in me having a bit more free time to pursue whatever interested me. And what interested me more than anything? Finding out the REAL TRUTH about human existence: questions like who we are, why we exist, what was it like before we were born, and what’ll happen when we die. I guess I hadn’t completely given up after all, and thankfully so, because I was about to discover the most important information I could ever hope to find.

While watching random “Anonymous” videos on YouTube (don’t really remember why), I came across a video claiming to be from “Anonymous,” but it was completely different than any other video I had seen. This video didn’t just point out the same old problems and blame others; this video actually gave SOLUTIONS to these problems! More importantly, these solutions were peaceful, legal, and impeded no one’s free will. They made SO MUCH SENSE!

So, I dug deeper; as it turned out, this particular “Anonymous” video was put out by a group called The Humanity Party® (THumP®), “a new political party that proposes real life solutions to real problems for people living throughout the world” with a $100,000 reward to anyone who can prove them fallible or provide better alternatives. I couldn’t believe it! I started learning everything I could about their proposed solutions, reading all their material, watching all their videos, listening to all their radio shows. I heard every kind of argument from all different types of people for the next several years, but to no avail; not I nor a single other person was able to claim that $100,000 BECAUSE THEIR PLAN IS UNCHALLENGEABLE!

As I continued researching the solutions proposed by THumP®, I found out this same group has another “side of the coin” I’d yet to explore: the MWAW® (Marvelous Work and a Wonder). THumP® teaches everything one would want to know about politics and government, whereas the MWAW® teaches everything one would want to know about religion. FINALLY! I’d found a source of information that was able to answer every single question I had growing up that no parent, peer, pastor, preacher, professor, or politician was able to answer!

Since that time, I’ve personally met with THumP®’s spokesperson and many supporters multiple times. I even managed to talk my wife into going to Utah with me one year to do so, and again a few years later with our 2 youngest children. These incredible experiences with these amazing people will remain in my memory till I die, and I’m so thankful for them. More importantly, I’m thankful for the peace of mind I’ve gained in learning that, despite my intelligence, that it’s OK for me to “know that I know not,” because I’ve found the group of people who “knows, and KNOW that they know.” Humbling myself enough to admit that was the hard part; everything since then, even considering the loss of relationships with friends and family because of my inability to suppress my excitement and let the spokesperson do their job, continues to be the best part of my life. I can’t help but check their websites when I wake up everyday for any new information, hoping to learn more REAL TRUTH about our existence, as I’m just as excited, if not more so, than the day I first found their information. The biggest difference between then and now is I’ve learned NOT to share what I’ve learned unless someone explicitly asks for my opinion (which rarely, if ever, happens).

To conclude (and prevent me from rambling on), thanks for reading! Hopefully my story is relatable, and not too boring. And hopefully my story isn’t over, so I’ll have at least another 35 years of health to continue supporting THumP® and the MWAW®!

J. Adam Pittman

(205) 617-0177


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