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My Story

Updated for May 4, 2019 and again still going strong in 2021!

As one who has embraced this work with all of my goddamn heart, here’s my 2 sense ;) I can honestly say I would not be alive without the information I have gained from this work.

I am now 31 (32) prime ass years old.

In this life I have embodied what you would call an anti-religious “Millennial.” I have experienced all the worldly desires, aspirations, delusions of grandeur, delusions of love/codependency/family and feelings of superiority/entitlement/laziness (due to my own perceived genius intellect as well as talent at an artistic endeavor) that one could possibly experience in their own individual mind.

I have pursued fame and success in the world as emotionally intently as any wannabe star on youtube, spotify or in hollywood etc. etc. ever has. Most of us who attempt to achieve these particular heights of fanfare are complete and utter failures for whatever reasons, me being no different.

Anyone who has ever thought they were “cool” and superior to others in a secular “worldly” way would be represented by me in my teens and 20’s. Been there, done that guys. Admittedly, in the past before discovering this work I had genuinely looked down on other people for being: ugly, nerdy, stupid, fat, untalented, clumsy, religious (stupid), shitty clothes, speech impediments, being full of shit, and every other manner of judgment for others one could possibly sustain in their perceived superior mind and body. In other words, I was the supposedly cool dude making fun of your goofy ass in high school and beyond, and I was fucking good at it Sorry guys! Thats not cool at all!!! Makes me cringe thinking about it.

But ever since finding this work and understanding WHY people are the way that they are, I now have absolutely 0 ZERO judgement for anyone – other than knowing that they are truly my equal in all things. This understanding has brought me the greatest peace I have ever known and will ever know. I don’t pursue or embody the success or negative attitude towards others I once had, Thank GOD! If you had known me in high school you would realize that this is nothing short of a miracle for me, to shift 180 degrees in my perspective on other people and my desires of happiness in this world. 

Look, Christopher has given us all the solutions to our mortal problems that we have created on this earth. The problems are all our individual faults! We each must rebuke our egos and humble ourselves deep inside to truly see our inherent equality.

Listen hear all ye Millennial and Gen Z clowns: Looking back at our lives, if someone like Me (with a superiority complex and already aware that religion was a complete lie, and who felt nothing but disdain for people who didn’t fit into what I deemed valuable) can be humbled and eyes opened, to realize we are all equal gods who deserve our basic needs of life to pursue our individual happiness’s, then Ya’ll have no fucking excuse whatsoever to not get it through your thick ass heads to support Christopher and The Humanity Party.. Cause although I can guarantee that most of you had and still have better hair than me the fact is: I was just as talented, just as clever, wrote better chord progressions, most likely more hung and certainly sexually vivacious and just as cool or cooler than you in this world I promise.. Never listened to my parents or anyone else’s advice on life, six figures last year self made.. never had a boss except when I was in relationships with a gorgeous woman What other attributes do we value ourselves by in this selfish ass world? Having a family!? There’s no such thing as “your” family or “my” family fuckheads, EVERY HUMAN IS PART OF THE SAME FAMILY. How could there now be any excuse for you not finding and supporting the only plan to eliminate poverty, child prostitution and all inequality?? Not even I am too cool for Christopher’s school, ain’t no way in hell that you are Truly the only thing that sets you and I apart is I damn well support the only real man (Christopher) and the only real solutions to this worlds SICKENING problems with all my heart, and I STILL would support it even if Christopher stole my girl (he wouldn’t steal anything from anyone), I couldn’t sing a fucking note, and my dick was Tiny Tim ;) and that there is the only thing in reality that is truly COOL!!!!! BOOM MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!


24 June 2010

I was born into a middle class family, my dad was a brick mason and my mom a nurse. My dad was raised catholic but rejected it in his early teens. My mom was raised without religion or beliefs other than maybe atheism. My family never went to a church thank god, and I was raised with no beliefs other than perhaps that science would be humanity’s salvation. Even as a young boy growing up around staunch morons I mean mormons (at school and play) I hated the idea of god, and the devil and I can remember having arguments at school (maybe starting in kindergarten) about how absurd the idea is of a monster with horns called the devil.. who’s going to hurt you forever if you do something “bad.” Or an old man with a beard looking down on us and making sure we won’t go to heaven if we screw up.

It became obvious that most kids I was interacting with were not DEEP THINKERS and seemed to just go along with their parents and peers, but had not critically analyzed these concepts themselves. Later on it would become clear that I was similar to them in that I accepted what my parents believed, or in this case didn’t believe, although they themselves (my dad especially) had rejected the religion of his parents, so there was inherently more thought given to any subject of “truth.” I put “truth” in quotes there because my dad didn’t know shit about real truth any more than any other person on this earth, that was a hard thing to realize because I had looked to him as my god and hero when I was a young child. Moving right along…

I hated school and authority, (still do). I dropped out high as fuck.. (pun intended) i mean i dropped out of high school stoned on marijuana baby The rude discovery that I would have to find something to do in order to make money to support myself had reared its ugly head!!!! “Fuck that I thought. I’m the greatest gotdamn bag of potato chips of all! I ain’t working for no Fuckskabob just to live!!” A year or so before I dropped out I found that I was pretty fuckin good at music. So I started a band and that sort of led to my eventual dropping out of school, oh and copious weed use helped. I was very serious about music at the time and recorded some good songs, wanted to be the Beatles blah blah blah. That was also why I was able to drop out and mess around with music, because my dad supported me doing the music and hopefully becoming rich and famous of course. (my parents had gotten along not so well throughout my life and eventually divorced for good when I was 13 or so). Therefore I was left to myself in the house i grew up in to rock out with my cock out all the live long day and nite My mom lived elsewhere nearby and my dad often stayed with his girlfriend in park City.

Music soon turned into full time smoking weed and sitting around listening to music, sometimes playing. I just did not have the drive to get myself out there, I still thought I was the greatest at everything which gives you some idea of my mental state at the time. Like I said I’m a damn millennial through and through .. I needed to make money!!! But i didnt want to really work…. So i decided to SELL WEEEEED!!!!!! long story short I ended up smoking myself into oblivion because I was NOT HAPPY. I was into the “SECRET” thinking that I could positively think my way into fortune.. DOESN’T WORK PEOPLE…. nor does buddhist or hindu shit make any sense to me cause I was into that for a very short time.

I ended up in a mental hospital for a couple weeks with all sorts of strange delusions… some of which are very similar to the real truth even though I had yet to discover it, most other delusions I had WERE VAIN AND FOOLISH IMAGINATIONS… kinda like the ones we have all been raised with.. but my mind was somehow capable of making those things that aren’t real seem very real. Apparently the only time I could accept some kind of spiritual/religious thought (the secret, hindu, buddha etc.) was when I was clinically insane… ironic? 

So there I am. fresh out of a few weeks being absolutely nuts in the Lds Mental ward. NO FRIENDS, NO MONEY, NO HOPE. I end up staying with my mom to recover from my brain overload. This being the most depressing time in my life (at least until love brutally attacked me and left me for dead a few years later to the point of suicide seeming like a relief that it was an option. I began to search the internet for real life answers… aliens, conspiracies, pornos ghosts, demons, you name it. Blah blah blah… Nothing I found made me happy or made any damn sense at all, aside from the pornos of course ;). Anyways my mom’s boyfriend burke bluemel knew all about chris and had shown the 666 book to her thank god.

For reference, I have never read the bible, book of moron or any other religious nonsense…the 666 Mark of America Seat of The Beast book was given to me and I must say that every word from the start spoke to the very “essence” of my being… I KNEW IT WAS TRUE!!!!! Oh how joyful I felt.. I haven’t the power to describe. I had incredible dreams that did nothing but confirm what I was reading. It explained why this world is how it is…. SHITTY, BORING, and HOPELESS quite frankly.. But at least I now know why THANK GOD!!!! I realized I had been part of the problem with this world and it showed me how to align myself with my true humanity, that we all share.. a humanity that would never in a million years think I was “better” than someone else. The fact I had lost my humanity just shows the power of this world to turn us into goddamn ignorant ass goblins!! Makes me sick to think of how I had been before

I felt the same when I read the Sealed Portion as well despite having never read the book of mormon. I would recommend the book Human Reality for all you atheists types but really those other two books did it for me.. Not sure why, considering my super anti religious background in this particular lifetime. Furthermore, The Dream of Mortal life will surely be the works’ Magnum Opus. To be honest the initial draft called the Game of Mortal Life for me was already perfect. Not sure why it’s so hard to understand for supposedly smart people theres my pretentious millennial assholyness coming up again

It’s been more than eleven years ago now, since I first read the books and met THE DUDE… In that time I’ve experienced the mortal delusion of love and seen all the negativity imaginable that comes from that selfish pursuit. I’ve let go of being anyone of interest or value in the worlds’ or my family’s eyes, thereby reclaiming my free willed existence as an equal god to all others in this dream. For years now I no longer rely on other people to support me in any way which was a big step for me, having been supported by girls, friends, and my dear mom over the years.
These days I burn around modern day Jerusalem in my BMW race cars blasting my own music as a self made person, laughing at the irony and knowing damn well it’s not about what kind of car you drive or what you’ve “accomplished” that makes you who you are and an equally valuable human being to everyone else. All I really care about is The Work, The Humanity Party, The BROS, Chris, and obviously the dream of a world where we are all taken care of to pursue our own individual free wills!!!!! If it were possible I’d drive my goddamn cars off a cliff into a crocodile, snake and bug infested fucking labyrinth to end poverty and inequality, right fucking now!!! hold my beer!!!!!

Christopher The DUDE has revealed everything you could ever long to know about this life and what its all about. I’ve met Christopher and I’ve heard him speak.. “I know he is the man, given to the world to remind us who we are.. Confounding all the lies, ripping the veil right from our eyes. Nurturing the weak, with the real truth that he speaks.” That’s a line from a nice song I wrote about the truth, which is the only subject matter of my songs.. A truly endless source of inspiration. I’ll release some songs in the future where the words only reflect the real truth and I won’t give a fuck if anyone ever fucking hears it. That will be the feather and the cap of my illustrious music career
I simply can’t stand the inequality of this world and I used to wish I had the balls to kill myself and end this foolish charade, but knowing the real truth makes life more than bearable again and I’m not about to bail on this dream, when our boy Chris is still holding it down here with the rest of us!! 

My peace inside is hard to believe, even for me… Just when it comes down to experiences that are supposedly “difficult” ya know, dealing with sex bullshit, money, living situation, etc… None of that B.S. really does much to shake me anymore… OH MY GOD HOW IT USED TO!!!! Thanks to the Real Truth, I have a real ‘rock’ to hold onto when everything else (the world) is falling apart all around me.. I couldn’t hope or ask for anything more. 

We have the solutions!!! No excuses to not find them and support them, believe me being the consummate millennial that I am, I would have found one (an excuse)!!! hahaha smoke one for me, Peace!!!
nickolas dylan barrett


p.s. if any of yall millennials or gen geeZers wanna challenge me on the guitar or on the race track, or on matters of eternal reality……. I’m right here!!!


[Christopher 6/25/2010 added the following:]

The word “eclectic” well describes the people brought into this work before its official establishment (2012) who define what it is all about.

Defined by Websters as “selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles; composed of elements drawn from various sources,” the word properly describes the people who have embraced this work.

What Nick has revealed about himself stands as a witness to the power of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW). Each book was carefully considered for publication so that, if read with a sincere desire and real intent, each would reach its own particular audience.

Nick writes, “I would recommend the HUMAN REALITY book for all you atheist types.” Indeed, this book was intended for those who have no belief in anything outside of their current reality. Yet, their current reality is full of religion, myth, and the excuses humans use to justify the way they treat each other. An atheist’s reality is that God does exist, maybe not in their head, but in the heads of many people who have the power to affect their free will. Therefore, an atheist should be grateful that there now exists a book that explains things on their level sin religion and God.

Although non-religious himself, it was the explanation of a religious book that “opened” Nick’s eyes to real truth. All of his life he was exposed to the fear-based rhetoric surrounding the book of Revelation. People fear “the mark of the beast, its number, its image, and its name.” They fear “Armageddon” and the great “Apocalypse. ” Nick probably scoffed at their fear, never understanding where it came from, and not really caring. Yet, what affected him the most was the way that those who did fear affected his free-willed choices. Nick now had to fear them!

Once he got the true meaning behind the symbolism that caused these people to fear, Nick learned that he had nothing to fear EXCEPT them that fear!

He learned that the “beast,” “Armageddon, ” and “Apocalypse” had all to do with the free-willed choices of the people themselves, without any outside influence or control. With his new understanding, Nick wondered why these people feared themselves!

With the euphoria of finally understanding something of the fear of those who controlled him, Nick had a desire to know the person from whom the proper explanation was given that allowed him to understand. Was it another person to fear? How could he be afraid of a person who taught him how not to fear?

In short, Our mutual creators do not want us to fear them or each other.

To help counter our individual fears and confound all the vain and foolish imaginations invented by humans that create fear, this work is directed by them for the sake of each individual.

Nick is one of the “eclectic” ones gathered to this work as a testimony that it does indeed work outside of religious belief systems. It speaks to the common sense we all share (or should share) in common.
All those who teach fear should fear this work. It will take away the fear that gives their religions, philosophies, opinions, and ideas their value.

They should all fear me and Nick. Why? Because we don’t fear them!

Nick, your story is a welcome one and I encourage any others who wish to make theirs known, please do!



Editor’s note: See Nick’s contact info beneath his words above.

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