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I was at the close of priesthood meeting in the year 2010 and overheard some of the priesthood brethren talking about “hey did you see that someone is claiming that they found and translated the sealed portion? I was intrigued I asked where and I remember they said a name Christopher.

I went home and searched it on the internet The Sealed Portion and Christopher and found the transcript and started to read it.

It brought out all kinds of emotions for me I was excited to learn about the full mysteries of god as promised in the Book of Mormon. It was a very tough read (for my ego in some ways) but it felt so free and made so much sense.

I started to really reflect when it was talking about the modern LDS church and how it has fallen away (again) in these latter days.

I remember knowing I was not afraid to read this book because if it were true Moroni’s promise would surely guide me to truth and light and reading and praying would bring the same answer I received when I read the Book of Mormon.

Long story short I shared this with my wife Laura and my father at the time. His counsel was to read everything but be wise and discern what is right and wrong.

It was tough in some parts to realize that I was not the blessed person of the only true church upon the earth. I recognized that every single thing that was hardening my heart toward this Sealed Portion was absolutely true and it was exactly how we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ was acting.

I had to put the Sealed Portion down for a bit especially when it pointed out all the hypocritical things we as members of this church were doing. I felt I was acting (with my pride and ego) just like the Jews during Christ’s time in Jerusalem. Why did the people get so mad at Christ, Why did Joseph Smith say people would rise up and kill him if he told them everything he knew?

I was humbled, I had to really struggle and continue to read. Nothing ever made so much clear common sense. It was heartbreaking to see I continued going back to it especially during church I read it quite a bit on my phone during Sunday school and Sacrament meetings.

It was in 2013 that I was working as an independent producer for our own talk radio show on KTKK K-Talk Radio on a program my wife and I created called Best Deals Utah. I was shocked to see all the different books that was produced since 2010.

We invited Christopher to appear on our show. I was able to meet and see how he acted behind the scenes I have never met someone in this industry who has never read from a teleprompter and acted the same in private as they are in public.

Only when you see and observe someone in private behind the public’s eye you will learn a lot about that person. What do they really stand for? In my past experiences everything always leads up to selling something for money. This was NEVER the case when it comes to this work.

This was the very first time money was never mentioned, all the information is completely free.

The Real Illuminati has presented an actual SOLUTION to eradicate poverty and inequality without taking away anyones free agency where the entire world and every living human would benefit found at the

How can I turn away from something that makes so much common sense?

What would I give to live and learn these principles to bring peace into my life?

Anyone can read what they want on the internet but unless you have had an actual experience with someone you can never trust what you read or hear.

What would you be willing to do find Real Truth?

Find the REAL TRUTH for yourself.

Everything here is completely FREE.

Phone 775-2965551

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