Halston Hayes

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Hi, my name is Halston Hayes.

I was born in a big family in Texas and we were raised as Christians because of my father. We mostly attended Baptist churches. My father was the one who first taught us about God, Jesus, and the Bible. He tried his best according to what he understood as being “right” according to the Christian faith to lead us in the right direction.

He worked very hard to provide us with the things we needed and sometimes working two jobs, so we didn’t have to struggle so much. We moved around a lot, staying in different houses and attending different schools because my father tried to keep us away from bad environments. We also would church hop as well, until my father would find the pastor that he felt taught the word in a way that seemed inspired by the spirit of God. But me being young, I didn’t take notice to things like that. Whenever we attended church, I never really felt the spirit of God or felt a spiritual connection, but I just kept it to myself.

Fast forward to when I was in college. I just lost interest in going to church because I felt like I wasn’t satisfied with the supposed “truth” of what I heard in the churches. But sometimes I still would go, because I thought that, that’s what pleased God. After I graduated college, two years later in 2017, was when I started searching for the truth. This was because my little brother sent me a YouTube video of blacks in America being of the lost tribes of Israel. So I started seeking for the truth.

So for two and a half years, I listened to many Christian and Hebrew Israelite YouTube channels. But I had a hard time listening to the black Hebrew Israelites because of the immense pride and racism coming from their mouths. During that time, I listened to many so-called YouTube prophets, teachers, ministers and etc, who never really explained the truth that made sense.

But in the fall of 2019 is when everything changed. I watched a video about someone saying to read the Book of Mormon. So I got it, read it, and was hooked. I then joined a church on YouTube and the leader was reading from The Sealed Portion. So I got that too and loved reading the sealed portion.

I recently left that online church because I started to read, study, and think for myself. That was when I started to see things differently than what was being taught. I remember that ministry used to say that Christopher was being led by the devil. They also said there was a video of him saying the sealed portion is fake and that he wrote it.

I never really questioned it, but believed it for three years, until I started listening to Christopher myself recently, and have been listening to him ever since. The MWAW, The Real Illumninati, the Humanity Party, and this work have really opened my eyes to the real truth. They have brought me out of religion and the wicked religious mindset that comes with it.

I am truly grateful to have found this marvelous work and a wonder!

Halston Hayes

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