Todd Hull

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I’ve enjoyed this work from the literal second I found it. I found it working in my garage. I’ve thought about the Sealed Portion since before my mission days. As a child, I dreamed of someday being involved when it came out. I thought, and often told those who knew me, that I bet the lord wouldn’t bring the Sealed Portion to the world through the church. If this were the case, I thought everyone would just accept it without doing any work to see if it were true. Because of this, I’ve always searched around for other “mysteries” that a church member had to work for to discover. I read a lot of different books from the early days of the church that contradicted each other. It was confusing and the more I read, the more things became unclear. I often thought about the Sealed Portion and even used the Internet to search for it when it was first coming out. Nothing was there at the time. I continued to hope for it and went on with reading all sorts of books hoping to find little truths here and there to piece my questions about life together. I could never get enough information and was never satisfied. I don’t know why, but it never struck me to search the Internet again until that day in my garage. When I work, I think about life and questions I have. As I was fixing something, I thought about the Sealed Portion again. It suddenly struck me quite hard that I hadn’t searched the Internet again since that first time. I put down what I was doing, and with dirty and greasy hands, I picked up my phone and typed it into Google. I couldn’t believe that I had phone service and specifically thought it was strange that I could immediately search the Internet without going somewhere where there was service. (I loved working in the garage on my days off because I could enjoy quiet time from my phone for a while which usually rang many times per hour regarding problems at work). The first thing that came up was Ida talking about her excommunication and the Sealed Portion. I was mesmerized and watched and read everything I could for a while. I stood there, in the garage, for a long time reading these things and feeling my heart beating out of my chest. I didn’t even go back to what I was fixing which isn’t like me at all. I spent the next three days and nights reading the Sealed Portion. I couldn’t sleep and my heart would not stop racing because of my excitement. No question ever came into my mind that this wasn’t the real deal. We even read it as a family every night. My children, wife, and I were all very active LDS people. We all suddenly lost any desire to go back to church and suddenly found it all to be very silly to our understanding at the time. I’ve loved every minute since finding the MWAW. I’ve had a real problem with inequality my whole life, since I was a child. It drives me to action when thing’s aren’t equal. It’s always been very very hard for me to tolerate inequality amongst my fellow men and women. The Humanity Party and its solutions spoke to me like no plan ever had, has, or ever will. It instantly became my plan. My job in law enforcement molded me into a brotherhood-minded person. I became a person who would have many opportunities to put my life into jeopardy for the safety of a stranger. It opened my eyes to a desperate side of humanity; a side where desperate, lonely, and often forgotten people, do desperate things to survive and get through seemingly endless and hopeless circumstances in their life. This is why Humanity Party is so special to me. My heart yearns for it. Something in me wants to protect this work. It can’t stop. Even when rejected by people who don’t know any better, the idea of the Humanity Party solutions is that great white whale that speaks peace to me and settles my present unrest with this world today. This work has broadened my idea of brotherhood from my own circle to every human being. I feel so free. I feel so happy. I feel equal.

Todd Hull


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