Todd Hull

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I will speak directly and only of what I found to be the most profound evidence that this man, Christopher Nemelka, is who he claims to be. It doesn’t matter to me that you understand how I found this man. I will not waist your time teaching you about my saga and journey. Rather, allow me tell you what I know about this True Messenger and how his simple message has changed me into a better human being.

I am a retired law enforcement officer. I was an expert in my field. I have been through countless hours of training in crime scene investigation, interview and interrogation techniques, physics, crash reconstruction, drug recognition and interdiction. I wrote canine policy for the state and was a certified judge in that field. I supervised the State Bureau of Investigation over central and Northern Utah. I was a supervisor over the Utah Major Crimes Unit. I have been voir dired as an expert witness in judicial and federal court. I have sat before many attorneys and judges, including one of the most noted defense teams in the country.

I have also had the rare experience to sit with this True Messenger in a quiet and peaceful place. I could see him clearly, hear him plainly, smell the environment around us, and feel his energy. There were no distractions to confuse any of my senses. I will tell you here and now that this man who claims to be a True Messenger would destroy my testimony on any platform, in any field that any court has recognized me to be an expert in.

I have never, in my life, observed a more masterful and perfect example of using the Socratic method of teaching. He radiated a relaxed, accepting, and loving energy, as he allowed me to realize my foolishness. I felt no judgement or coercion at any time from him. Rather, he empowered my free will.

I used my own effort and thought process to deeply examine myself as a human being. Every time I attempted to contrive a thought or finish an intelligent comment, he somehow offered a perfectly placed question that confused my mind and thought process, to such a degree, that I can only sort things out in hindsight. He said nothing to confuse me. I was solely responsible for every bit of confusion that my mind suffered. I knew this.

I cannot attempt to describe what I saw in this man’s eyes. There is such kindness and love in his eyes. I can only describe his gaze as delicate and it caused me to feel. My other senses were invigorated to a point that I have never encountered. I could not help but feel peace in his presence. Every question he posed was simple and pointed only to one thing. I was not confused about his message whatsoever.

My name is Todd Layne Hull. My mind is sound and sharp. The only message this man had for me is this…treat everyone with kindness.
Christopher Nemelka is who he claims to be. He is this world’s True Messenger.

Todd Hull


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