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My Testimony of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

And last of all here is the testimony of I Elvis Mangisi Alias General Micheal Taita. In the course of my life, from my infantile intrigue with life, from the very beginning—when my mind began to comprehend and wonder about life—I was basically driven by the metaphysical urge to know what this life is really about. Generally, life was chaotic and thus lacked a coherent order and defined humanity, which clearly explained what life was really about.

I grew up in a family that had liberal religious inclinations. We were generally a Sunday church people growing up in a society dominated by Roman Catholic Church, from the schools I attended to the local parish my family sporadically attended. However, as an African family, we also indulged in consulting traditional healers, self-proclaimed prophets, and so forth, in dealing with life problems. My society had subtle religions prejudices against apostolic denominations as strange cults, and for the ignorant and Pentecostal denominations as having cash-cow intentions.

Growing up in a relatively economically stable family, in a poor third-world society, I did not have inferiority complex, but was rather driven by academic competitiveness. Due to juvenile delinquencies, my advanced-level results made it difficult to enroll to university. Leaving school in early 2000, the economic situation had dwindling employment opportunities. My family financial background made it impossible to do a professional course with private institutions. We did try a hand in family business, but lacking corporate financial wizardry, we faltered on the break-even point and eventually quit.

The greatest event of my intellectual life was studying Economics, Literature, and Geography, which introduced me to scientific views of the physical world and the universe. Economics taught me about economic problems of scarcity, employment, currency issues, development planning models, and economics school of thought. Literature taught me critical analysis and the study of books with an open mind. Without employment and educational opportunities, my inquisitive mind drove me to an individual pursuit to understand life in general and to come up with solutions to social and economic problems from an individual want, to national crisis resolution amidst a global humanity crisis.

This is my quest of knowledge and understanding. I frequented libraries and freely read and studied religion, sociology, philosophy, economics, and any literal works that had a bearing on answering the questions of life. In my researches, I came across a book of psychology, whose last chapter was “Ultimate reality-the Metaphysical urge.” This chapter gave a brief overview of the main religions of the world and other philosophical world views. It ended up by declaring that all were mere attempts to define ultimate reality, yet none was conclusive. Thus, my quest to know ultimate reality began in my early 20s. This quest made me unable to pursue any employment or vocational education. The Biblical declaration to “seek ye the kingdom first and everything shall be given unto thee” became a survival principle and maxim for me.

In my pursuit, the Bible remained a keystone of my research. It talked of “in the beginning,” things were like this and concluded with the book of Revelation. From the Garden of Eden to Jerusalem plot, I was inspired to determine the real facts about Human Reality, from the beginning, present and future. Thus, Genesis, the book of Daniel, the book of Isiah, and the book of Revelation had a great hold on me and l labored much trying to decode them.

The book of Revelation had a special effect on me. It talked of life from the beginning to the end. It talked about the throne of God and gave a timeline of world events. However, it was written in a highly figurative manner that trying to make sense out of it proved impossible. I went to several Christian denominations, seeking a place where Revelation would be clearly explained. Thus, I agreed to an invitation to join Mormonism. The Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants added other dimensions to my views. The mentioned sealed portion and injunction of the importance of the book of Revelation added to my curiosity. As my desires overwhelmed me, thanks to Google and the LDS Church facilities that had computers and internet, as a stake executive secretary and clerk, I had a whole world of information in my little Church office. I spent a great deal of time on the internet searching.

Around 2014, my Google searches brought me to the 666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast and The Sealed Portion books. However, my religious inclinations caused a cognitive dissonance upon reading these books. Still, the emptiness of life and the dichotomy of the LDS scriptures and practices of Latter-day Saints created more confusion to my thoughts with age, marriage, and family obligations. l finally realized the necessity for gainful employment. However, my nature was not predisposed to my own exaltation, but the misery of the masses drove me to continue seeking to find solutions for my fellow man.

Thus, I visited government offices and international Embassies, offering my half-baked solutions to worldwide poverty. I corresponded with various political parties, seeking to share my ideology on Zion and the need to establish a united order of Israel, even to build the city of New Jerusalem. My efforts failing, I teamed up with a few friends and established the Great Zimbabwe Political Party platform in 2016. Lacking financial resources, the plan failed to take off.

As I continued with my quest and aided by misfortunes in life, I was forced to revisit The Sealed Portion and the 666, The Mark of America books in 2022. That is when I finally found out that these books were a product of the Real Illuminati and the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I downloaded all material from that website and started studying them. To my astonishment, I came to realize that this work actually constituted the greatest work ever accomplished in in defining ultimate Human Reality. The books on religion, The New American Scripture, Biblical books retranslation, Human Reality, and other bibliography dropped the scale of darkness from my conscience and the veil of my understanding was broken. The Humanity Party concept perfectly fit my political thoughts and the discussion of a one world, one government concept finalized my vision of ultimate global order.

Now, as I go through the YouTube presentations of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, my comprehension is made clearer and the real calling of my mind manifest. The only calling of a conscious man is to be a Michael. To stand up as a god and finally bring order to a world in chaos. The history of the world and its struggles to return to Eden became manifest. How to establish Zion, overcome Babylon, and build the New Jerusalem becomes providential destiny. As I await the publishing of the Dream of Mortal Life and One People, One, World, One Government books, I have become an international statesman, a graduate from the “University of Kolob.”

It is my mission to fulfill the dreams of unity through the inspired Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I testify in the divinity of this work and in the reality that Christopher Nemelka is indeed the messenger of our day. Without ever meeting the Board of Directors of this work, I testify of their reality, because no mortal man could ever reveal these things by himself—never.

Behold a great and a marvelous work is upon us. Behold, the field is white and ready to harvest the everlasting salvation of the Kingdom of God. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Seek to bring forth my word and establish the cause of Zion. Do just, work humbly, judge righteously, repent and keep the commandments. May this work guide us to the Promised Land. Amen.

Elvis Mangisi


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