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Why I left the LDS Mormon Church

My name is Savai’i P. Amito’elau; I am Polynesian, I was raised in humble beginning on the island of Tutuila, America Samoa. Living with my grandparents was an experience of a lifetime and priceless. My grandfather who was a retired London Missionary Society (LMS) preacher who attended and graduated from the religious college in Malua, Apia, Western Samoa. My grandpa said the religion he believes in and preach might not be the same as I believe in. But I need to find out for myself who God is on my own, and no one can tell me otherwise.

When my grandfather passed away, I moved to the island of Oahu, Hawaii and onto the State of California. My grandpa admonition about God was still in the back of my coconut brain, I found the Book of Mormon (BOM) through my cousin who introduces it to me. I felt some truth in the BOM by reading it with real intent, and nothing waiver. I do admit the reading was confusing at times to track the timeline and the five W’s. (What, Who, When, Where, Why), and how.

The things that really intrigue and interested me the most by reading the BOM were the “key ingredients” of the stories about the (Sealed Portion book, three Nephites and the admonition of Mormon and Moroni). Everything was like a repeating method and stories of the Old and New Testament of the King James bible. How interesting the same teaching of the beatitudes gospel of Jesus Christ is also found in the BOM. It must be imperative (important) if is repeated in the bible New Testament and the BOM.

Jacob 4: 14; “But behold, the Jews (Mormon) were a stiff-necked people and they despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets, and sought for things that they could not understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.”

One of the many key ingredients I discover during our LDS/Mormon high priest group lesson on Sunday we discuss this topic about the book of Jacob 4: 14; My coconut brain began to make some common sense of not wanting to be part of any church or organization that are stiffnecked people, despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets. I did not want to be part of this church, and this is not what I signed up for, and it was time to look elsewhere. I do not want to be blind (ignorance) for the rest of my earth lifelong learning experiences of school and university. I wanted to know the truth, but Mormon and Moroni were doing a great job giving us these stumbling blocks. The author of the book of Mormon is absolutely amazing.

The first part of the BOM is the lesser portion of the word of Christ and hundred percent of his words are not written in it (3 Nephi 26: 6-10). Moroni said something about being restrained by the spirit of not telling us the real truth but gave us something else. Really! Come on guys we are drowning for the truth, and you gave us something else? I made a goal and challenged myself to know everything about this new religion I was baptized in. After 29 years of membership in LDS/Mormon Church, holding many callings, paying full 10 percent tithing, attending the temple, and high counsel member of different stakes even to the office of Bishop. If you ever want to know a true-blue hard-core LDS/Mormon member, I was it.

I found the Sealed Portion of the BOM on the internet by accident. Every LDS/Mormon Church annual general conference we glue to the TV and waiting for that special announcement of the Seal Portion book been restored. The disappointment and sadness look on our faces said it all. The feeling or intuition and common sense inside me said to search the internet in 2005.

My Polynesian brown eyeballs got really big and wide when I saw it the first time. Just imagine the little child on Christmas morning getting his first present and that look on his face, and that was me. And I said, my goodness gracious, “NO WAY!” to my surprise and amazement is this thing for real, does the LDS/Church Mormon general authorities know about this book?

The surprised look on my face and my personal intelligent thinking inside my coconut brain. If this is the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, then (WHY) is the Sealed Portion found on the internet and not from the proper general authorities’ hierarchy of the LDS/Mormon church? Something fishy is going on here and it just did not seem religious correct. I was skeptical at first with unbelief until I clicked on the webpage, and everything started to unfold. My coconut brain begins to question. Who is running the LDS/Mormon church? What is going on here? Who is responsible for restoring the TSP? Is this thing for real?

My coconut brain was racing 100 miles per hour through excitement and not so sure what I was getting into. The sense of joy and relief of finding who God is finally started to come true. My brown eyeballs rolling back and forth the pages of the Sealed Portion book and taking everything in the doors of unbelief begin to unfold. I used not so colorful words like (sons of bitches) or (freaking bastards) against the Three Nephites, Mormon, Moroni, and Joseph Smith Jr. for during such amazing and awesome job camouflaging the truth from the first unsealed part of the BOM.

I read the TSP book a few times to make sure it was for real. That I was not led down the path of the dark side of no return. To my surprise, it was the same “Author” who wrote the lesser part of the BOM, that Joseph Smith Jr. painfully helped translated also wrote the Sealed Portion book, the greater portion of the book of Mormon. It doesn’t take a genius, writer, scholar or even a rocket scientist to figure this out. It is the same author’s penmanship, words, method and means of delivering their message across the grain and tare. Now I truly understand the meaning, if you want to know the real truth, you need to be like a little child that knows absolutely nothing. Thanks guys.

Joseph Smith Jr. was a genius when he created the Temple endowment play with the help of his mentors. I always wanted to know the true meaning of the endowment and symbols. Everything makes perfect sense. The LDS/Church members attend the Temples and sit day in and out, and eyes wide open with minds, and hearts closed, and shut. We believe in the general authority of the LDS/Mormon church will not lead us astray. And so, we thought the nature man has always been an enemy of God since the beginning until the end.

Brigham Young screwed up everything about the original ceremony and why Joseph Smith Jr. created the stage play.  Absolutely genius! Nowhere in the Book of Mormon that said anything about baptism for the dead or seal for time and eternity. It was all Brigham Young faults who never understood anything but follow his own ambition, pride, and ego maniac messed everything up. Now we know what one man or person can do to mess everything upside down. We needed a true messenger to turn everything back inside out.

I wanted to shout out loud for joy, Alleluia! and tell everyone what I have found and buy a box of the Sealed Portion book and give it out for free and tell everyone about it. The excitement finally set in and what about my family and how they are going to handle what I have found? My family needless to say, they did not take it very well, were disappointed and sadness. The look from my hard-core Mormon wife could kill a thousand soldiers on the battlefield. She respects my belief and decision to leave the LDS/Mormon church.

I still love and support her continue to attend the LDS church and we are still happily married. The Sealed Portion book will never come through the mainstream LDS/Mormon church. They had their chance to take full control of the Sealed Portion book. They just signed their own destruction and condemnation as the Book of Mormon and the Sealed Portion book stated. Continue to lead them down to hell, and the road to hell is filled and paved with people with good intention. Until they know absolutely nothing.

I wrote a letter to the local Bishop to have my name remove from the records of the LDS church in 2009 and was finally approved in 2012. The local ward Bishop was a good friend of the family and was not sure what to do with my letter. What a great relief lifted off my shoulders when I finally received the letter from LDS/Mormon church headquarters of my membership termination. I repeated a few times inside my coconut brain. Alleluia, free at last, free at last from this freaking brain washed LDS/Mormon religious fools still on the road of endless sleep of ignorance and unbelief. My grandfather admonition has finally come true who God is. “It has always been me, and 8 billion other human beings on planet earth”.

How do I know if the BOM, Sealed Portion book, what Mr. Christopher Nemelka, and his friends the Real Illuminati has put out are true? Well, let us look at this.

What is the difference between Knowledge and Intelligent?

Knowledge: is what we learn in school, education, religion, reading a book, and on the job training etc.

Intelligent: is what each and every one of us human beings are born with intuition, common sense, and gut feeling. To help us along the lone and dreary world we call planet earth. Use your intelligence and knowledge you gain on this planet earth to be humble like a little child and listen with your heart and coconut brain. When it hits your spiritual heart, it will magnify your essence and your feet will come off the ground. Now, try that on for size? I call it the earth lifelong learning experiences of school university. Earth life is nothing more than a big school university classroom to learn how and who we truly are.

This is the key to understanding real truth. You need to “have a change of heart and be humble” yourself like unto a little child inside your soul, essence, and spirit. Everything we have been taught in education, school, religion, and training is not real truth. You need to read the Sealed Portion just like you read the first part of the BOM with real intent, faith, and nothing waiver. Do not read to feel for it but read it to comprehend and understand with the spirit of Christ.

My message to the world is to keep sleeping in ignorance and do not ever wake up, because if you do your family and friends will hate you forever. If you cannot hunt with the big dogs, stay on the porch. Especially if you are a member of the LDS/Mormon church. Do not waste your time listening to the true messenger, you are only fooling yourself. Until you have that change of heart and become like a little child that you know absolutely nothing. Put your Pride and Ego manic off to the side. Willing to accept the teaching of the true messenger, follow your intuition, essence, and gut feeling.

True messenger (Christopher Nemelka) do not give up, you are the one who volunteers to be our true messenger. Although sometimes you do seem to be arrogant, using foul language, and Mr. Smarty pants. We patiently and conservatively start to understand why you deliver the true message of your own personality and attitude. There is no one else that is “CRAZY” enough to do it.

The world has no idea who you are the bare of Christ. For some of us that are awake to understand your role as our true messenger. but others who are not might see it from a different perspective. Religion has got a great hold upon humanity; it will be an arduous and tedious task process to make them see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Finally, with the up most respect, who call themselves the brothers (The Real Illuminati) have been working for billions of years on guard duty on this freaking planet earth trying to save humanity from our own demise and destruction of unbelief. “THANK YOU” It must have been a difficult task trying to remove the wall of ignorance and filter out the stupidly of our humanity pride and ego manic.

This new church you created on Feb 3, 2024. The True Church of the Lamp of God, of a Marvelous Work and a Wonder. This goes against what was said to the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. That creating a church is not their intention for this is an abomination in the site of God. If the people want a church, then give them what they want into their own condemnation and destruction of our own demise.

After the True Messenger explain the so reason and purpose why a church needs to be created. Now we understand and comprehend the condescendence of God to teach us the real truth at our level of intelligence and knowledge.


Savai’i P. Amito’elau

(949) 275-2727 Cellphone.


PS: The Polynesian word “AUE” meaning when we Polynesian island people are in pain and sadness of losing a loved one in death, or under duress. We repeat this word three times out loud with emotion and deep feelings. “AUE, AUE, AUE”

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