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Ever since I can remember from the age of four I have been searching for the truth of mortal and spiritual life… at four years of age I can remember the smell of particular flowers and nature that was to me new and exciting and yet familiar….

Growing up was a happy adventure in self-awareness and my connection with the natural world in which I live. This awareness of self and nature made me wonder who am I, why do I exist and how was this earth made, who made it, who peopled it, how long has human life existed, why are religions so different yet their basic teachings and tenants of faith are similar and all have a common theme….. be kind to others, be a good person,….. God created the earth, creation stories are similar, we are all brothers and sisters, why do we have different skin colours, ethnic cultures are different but as humans we all share the same love of self and of others and have an innate sense of respect and morality to treat others as I would like to be treated.

Religion and science became my search for happiness and answers to life’s greatest questions…. where did I come from, why am I here, where am I going….?

Growing up in the Church of England religion, until I was fifteen, gave me a basis in Christianity and studying science helped me to understand the natural world but neither could answer life’s greatest questions…..

Turning to ancient metaphysical studies and esoteric orders and mystic writings of Rosicrucianism and Masonic teachings I further developed my knowledge and understanding of self/physical/and spiritual awareness.

Joining the LDS church at the age of twenty one I developed, through reading scripture, this knowledge and faith further. The Book of Mormon, LDS Temple Endowment and the teachings and revelations of Joseph Smith added to my understanding… but still not fully answering life’s greatest questions….

Always searching for the truth ‘no matter where it may be’ I came across the “Marvellous Work and a Wonder” web-site and the published books… ‘The Sealed Portion’; ‘Sacred Not Secret’; ‘Without Disclosing My True Identity’; Human Reality’; ‘666 The Mark of America the Seat of the Beast’; ‘The True History of Religion’; ‘The Dream of Mortal Life’; ‘ The Book of Lehi’; ‘The Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel’; ‘The Book of Malachi’; ‘The Book of Isaiah’; ….

I have read them all.

The Web-sites of Marvellous Work and a Wonder® and The Humanity Party® explains that everybody deserves the 5 basic necessities of life…. Food/ Shelter/ Clothing/ Healthcare/ Education and offers a practical plan to end world poverty and to introduce a new world order and a one world government and constitution to bring into existence world peace, global economic prosperity and solve world poverty.

Why wouldn’t everyone support such principles and common sense plans to treat everyone equally and with dignity?


Rodney Cole

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