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I am Christopher Kurt Smith, and this is my story so far. The Marvelous Work and a Wonder has helped me immensely in life.

I was born and raised in Idaho as the 3rd oldest of 8 children. I grew up homeschooled. I only remember bits of being really young, but people tell me that I was a wild child. I didn’t used to experience guilt or regret. I was a mean child. My siblings suffered having me as a brother. I now wish that I hadn’t been mean to them, but it is what it is.

I don’t remember understanding emotions, or anything existing outside of myself. I think my brain had something described by ideas in the realm of autism, psychopathy, and alexithymia. I felt like everyone else was given an instruction manual for interacting with others except me. I didn’t used to feel empathy or care about others until it started making sense to me to do so by listening to Christopher and logically thinking about the things he said.

During many of my childhood years, my family strictly adhered to the LDS religion. I really disliked going to church. Being taught the same things over and over again was boring and felt like a waste of time. So I was often irreverent. My household read a chapter of The Book of Mormon and prayed every night. I had to go to church every Sunday. Church was very boring for me. People were always trying to make me do stuff I didn’t want to do. I didn’t like being around other children who didn’t seem to be interested in the same things as me. I often felt confused why everyone else wasn’t able to learn things like I was, but I also took pride and arrogance up into myself about it.

When I was 9-10 my father found The Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon and we left the LDS church. Looking back, that path has freed my mind and helped me loads. Who knows the strifes others would’ve endured and how I would’ve poorly thought of and treated other humans if my particular mind would’ve grown up brainwashed and indoctrinated as an LDS zealot.

I went to public school in 8th grade. Many of things I learned over the next few years going to public school and reading the Human Reality book helped me learn to care about and interact with others. It was a good thing for me because it let me experience myself around other people. I enjoyed searching for knowledge and I gained value for it in high school. The world reinforced in me that I was smarter than other people. I was very prideful. The content from The Marvelous Work and a Wonder has since shown me a much better way to think, be, and feel towards others.

8th, 9th, and 10th grade, I played football. I felt like I tried a lot harder than everyone else and it hurt me to care so much about something and have the people around me prioritize so differently. I went to a symposium in 2012 and I can’t remember exactly what was said, but it made me realize that I knew that I didn’t want to play with people who didn’t appreciate the same goals that I did, and I also didn’t want to hurt other people anymore. I feel best when I’m all the way into things or all the way out of things. Partial effort or partial dedication to a purpose has always seemed to destroy me inside.

I went to work on a farm in Nevada for a month. While I was there, I read the Human Reality book for the first time. It helped set me on the path of seeing every other human as equal and just as important as everyone else. I lived with some very conservative self-declaring republican people who didn’t want people coming and taking their jobs, but were profiting off of it at the same time.

Thinking back, the people I had the joy of working with were from across the Southern border of the United States. They were saving money and sending it back home to their families, just trying to have a better life. Working with my friends and living with the farm owners helped show me the experience of economic disparity first hand.

Right after high school ended, I fell madly in love with an amazing person by the name of Madolin. I loved her in a way I still can’t describe. Sleep was so restful. No matter how little sleep I got, I felt super good for months. When I would see her, my brain would be stunned by a sort of beauty I had never experienced before. I loved myself when I was around her. The first thing I’ve ever felt regret for in my life was moving far away from her to college. I found out I wasn’t what she wanted the hard way when she entered into a monogamous relationship with another person. The next Summer I went home and we hung out a bunch, but it was a serious struggle for me to be repudiated and forsaken to only be able to half express my unrequited love. She started treating me not very well. I cut myself off from talking to her completely after some months of it.

For 4 years I was in a deep depression. I was around other lovely people since, but it never felt right to me. I lost so much of my self-worth. I felt the unending crushing demoralization for everything in life. It was hard to get out of bed. I didn’t eat much. I couldn’t force myself to do things. The horrible feelings compounded because I couldn’t manage to succeed in anything. I didn’t end up graduating from college, I didn’t manage to make my gaming dreams work out, I still couldn’t connect with anyone else, and I had no purpose.

Reading Christopher’s blog posts helped me. Sometimes I would save them to read until I was really sad because I knew they would cheer me up or give me hope that someone else cares about this world. I probably wouldn’t have survived, but the Marvelous Work and A Wonder gave me enough hope and helped show me that I’m not less valuable just because the world might say so.

Now that I’ve been reading the stuff the Real Illuminati puts out, my love of learning everything that current science and the schooling of the world knows has shifted because the people and the scientists out there don’t know anything compared to the Real Truths the Real Illuminati knows. It has helped me not be so prideful and waste my time investing my personal value into how much more I know than other people.

I’ve worked very hard throughout life learning how to understand and interact with people, but, honestly, there’s no way I would’ve figured out even a fraction as well as what the Real Illuminati are offering to the world. Without the Real Truth, I would’ve been so mislead and have had so many more problems. The work has helped point me in the right direction many times upon how to treat others and myself. I think I’ll be forever grateful and eager to learn whatever they have to teach, because I recognize really don’t know anything compared to them right now.

For me, nothing else is as important as solving poverty and the rest of the work the Real Illuminati does. I don’t think it’s a good enough world if even a single person is not able to experience what they want to and live how they want to. Now that I’ve realized what I care about, I don’t think I will be content while there’s someone out there who isn’t able to be happy. The Humanity Party’s plan would work.

Sometimes I get frustrated at the world for not being able to come together and see how great things could be for all of us, but I’m afforded a little peace when I’m reminded that it will all be okay in the end anyways. The MWAW has the solutions that would work, and so that’s what I’m going to support. Whenever I think about the world, I know I would sacrifice every object, every relationship, my body, my time, everything I have, and everything that I am, if there’s any way I can see it really making things better and somehow helping all of humanity.  I think every human deserves peace and happiness.

The Real Truth has turned my life into a thing of hope.

I’m only 25 so I hope to have a lot more story to live and a lot more of my life to give.

Christopher Kurt Smith

+1 208-740-0134

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