Kevin Osas Christopher

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(The Summary of my Life) My Name is Kevin Osas Christopher, I am From Nigeria (Edo State) and I live in Germany. I took my first breath in this world in May of 1979 and ever since, my life has been a roller coaster of a ride.

A few months after my birth, I started crying suddenly and my mother rushed out to see what was going on. So my big brother and sister (stepbrother and stepsister) told her that I fell to the side. A few weeks later, my big brother beat up his sister and in her agony she confessed the truth of why I was crying the day they said I fell. She said that my big brother was forcing a broomstick into the hole of my manhood, which would have been devastating not being able to pee, because the hole is blocked up and that might lead to death, without truly knowing what caused the early death.

Through hell, I was able to reach 5 years of age. Going to 6, I got sexually molested by my big cousins (females) and that was how I was introduced to my sex-life, which I later became an Excellence of Execution (Sarcasm: I am NOT proud of who I became). As we say in Germany, “Er hat blut geleckt,” meaning: he has tasted blood. This parable means that when someone starts to do something that gives him or her exceedingly great joy, it is very difficult for him or her to turn away from that particular thing. Tasting Blood (in this aspect, sex) I allowed this fun, as I ignorantly perceived, to continue with my other cousins as well.

My parents knew nothing and still know nothing about these things. Besides being born into a polygamous home, we were idol worshipers. We sacrificed to all manners of gods. God of iron, thunder, river, riches to name a few. Each person had their own personal gods. Not the God of the Bible. We sacrificed goat, sheep, pigs, crocodiles, alligators, chickens, ducks, tortoise, and all manner of animals to these so-called gods for protection, well-being, and charms against weapons and armed robbers, etc. Sometimes we licked the blood of these animals so the help (e.g. protection) could come from inside. Much terrible things that will take ages to write, you can imagine 🙄. What an Infragimitete (Stupidity and Nonsense)!

Despite all the sacrifices (which COST a lot of money), my mother’s car was taken from her at a gunpoint 2 times and armed robbers came to our house 2 times and men!!!! They wreaked havoc upon us. The first time they paid us this uninvited visit, they touched no one, but took everything we had except for the kitchen knives and big furniture that wouldn’t fit into their car, plus our car, which they took with them too. They left us NO Food and NOT even a piece of meat in the deep freezer so we could make use of the knives the generously left for us.

Their 2nd visit was The MOST BRUTAL experience I have ever had to date. We never thought we would see the sunshine again, because of their BRUTALITY. They tortured my parents and sister so bad, cutting my mother and sister’s laps with the huge garden scissors ✂️ and beating them up with the bottom of their guns and telling them shiiiiiii. They turned on the music and raised the volume so people wouldn’t hear the crying for pain of my parents and sister. We all thought that my father was dead, because he was lying face down in a pool of his blood. The armed robber’s 3-hours visit felt like 3 years of detention by a notorious terrorist.

In their first visit, they said they would take me with them when leaving, but somehow they forgot that in the last minutes. The second visit, they said they would delete me from the earth before they left. But somehow, someway, my father got up from the blood pool. He grabbed the center table in the living room and used it to bash the robber that was blocking the door out of the way and then he ran out of the house. Our house was fenced all around, so my father had to jump through the fence. Jumping the fence, the sharp tip of the fence protector seized his wrapper (luckily not piercing his stomach) and he fell down outside the fence naked and started running and screaming “Robbers!” and “Help!” The robbers, wondering in confusion, “How did that man survive and get up with such power?” ran out of the house. (By this time, the cars were filled up with our properties again.) They released 2 shots of guns into the roof of our car park and drove off quickly, before the community organized themselves to apprehend them.

Due to how things played out, they forgot to kill me before they left, as planned. This was the turning point when my parents did everything to get me OUT of Nigeria. After so many tries, it finally worked out with the great help of a family friend who lived in Germany (a big brother to me). Meanwhile, those armed robbers were apprehended and it turned out they were my stepbrother’s friends.

Fast forward to Germany. I arrived to Germany in May 2001 and became an asylum seeker. Due to the laws in Germany to acquire documents (marry or have a child with someone with German documents), I (everyone living here) went through Hell. And in this Hell, the dragon was unleashed in me.

I was a very talented person (very good in football and a Rapper. I wrote and directed all my songs that could make up 6 albums with 14 tracks in each album. I wrote 2 albums for movies (making the songs—the soundtracks of the movies). Most people thought I would become a professional footballer, but a very minor injury stopped that dream. Also I was NOT willing to do everything (sell my soul) to become a music or a movie star, which made the producers reject me and my talent 😅. Doing the shows I was performing in the clubs back then, they didn’t make me happy at all. That’s why I never stayed a second in the clubs, after I received my paycheck after the show. That lifestyle wasn’t really my thing, because I was not a club-goer or -lover. But as we say in Germany: “Ich war jung und brauchte das Geld” (I was young and needed the money). Oh, I forgot, and the women flocking around too, because of my worldly personality 🤦🏾‍♂️.

With this talented dragon unleashed, I became what I wrote in sarcasm earlier on (“Excellence of Execution”), because I didn’t want to be deported back to Nigeria. I had countless relationships with women (4-5 women consistently). I broke the hearts of many sisters (that hurts me till this day). I broke their hearts, sometimes over and over again. My lust cost me my marriage and 3 other engagements, which made me lose everything and start from square ZERO those 4 times. (But I just didn’t care, as long as I found my peace in square ZERO again.)

Let me skip all the other terrible things, because of time. But you all can imagine the life of a Rapper and Footballer, when they are somewhat popular. I even have a video on YouTube (Bigjay: here we go) After my 4th fall, I still was relentless in my Lust. One afternoon, I was watching a video of a pastor on YouTube who was speaking on sexual Lust and a Sister was with me that day (trying to get me to mMm with her) but I started to hear voices asking me questions in my head. “How long are you going to continue with this lifestyle Kevin? When will you become responsible? Are you going to die with this lifestyle?” the voice asked me (I thought it was God back then).

Then I looked at the sister and said, “Get up. You have to go home now.” So I drove her home, came back, and started watching the pastor’s video again. I wept exceedingly bitter, because I began to realize how evil I was. I was a Master Liar, a Manipulator who executed those evil qualities in an Excellent way to get such numbers of women and none of them caught me cheating on them, though they might suspect, I thought, “You must be a master Liarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” (which I was, when it comes to fornication). I began to understand what I had caused those innocent sisters, who many of them truly loved me. But I just gave them what they desire of me (sex, so I thought ignorantly).

Long story short, again in Jan 2018 I came to a decision that I will NEVER have sex again nor be with any woman, because I am NOT worthy. And it has been so ever since and shall be so Forever, because I am TRULY not worthy. After making up my mind to never to have sex again nor be with any woman again, I gave up everything that I had in this world. I sold my land, gave up the inheritance my father gave me (house, etc.) and refused to go back to the comfort zone (with my ex fiancée who was rich). Though my parents tried to make me go back (and of course, she would have welcomed it). Riches meant absolutely nothing to me anymore, because I was so happy like never before, living a life of contentment without the cravings of this world. Besides, I just didn’t want to hurt her nor anyone EVER AGAIN.

I fell in Love with Christ-Insanity … I mean Christianity … and got baptized with water 2 times. It was 2 times because I did not feel any Supernatural POWER after the first one, as we say in Benin City, Nigeria. What an Infragimitete (stupidity and nonsense). So God gave me a huge sign the day of my 2nd baptism. Brothers and sisters, that sign was incredible. (Thank you Chris, because now I KNOW that it was my EGO that played that in my Big HEAD, so I will believe that God accepts me, as taught in Christianity). So I went from Christianity to the black Hebrew-Israelite Movement as it is called (from frying pan into the fire) and I got baptized again with his Hebrew names, as I was told to do again 🙄. In the Israelite movement, I was brought to the knowledge of T.S.P (The Sealed Portion), but was told that it is FULL of bones (many falsehoods), so I didn’t buy the book and didn’t read the PDF.

After some time, a friend and sister with whom I studied brought T.S.P (The Sealed Portion) to our attention again and this time, I read with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Ohhhhhh Boy! We were blown away, because it blew everything out of the water and destroyed every religious doctrine. Meanwhile, I was already doing some video breakdown with the Bible and had uploaded them to the YouTube. The first thing I did was, in the depth of humility, I deleted all those videos from YouTube. This was because I realized the breakdowns were trash and deleted my YouTube account. And it was clear for me and I told my friends, who are my brothers and sisters whom we study together, that if anyone is supposed to upload a teaching video to YouTube, it should be Big Chris. (That’s how I usually called Christopher and everyone older than me: big brother, big sister etc.) NOT me. We named T.S.P as “The GALATIC DOCTRINE KILLING MASCHINE,” because of its converting POWER that breaks completely all family units, religions, traditions, customs, cultures, and all rudiments of the world. I wasn’t really a family unit person before, so I rejoiced exceedingly, knowing God had no chosen people and that he loves everybody (speaking on the knowledge of then, because I know The REAL-TRUTH of “God” now).

One of my friends and brothers with whom I study brought Christopher’s video to our attention. But we weren’t ready for him back then, until we were built up with The GALATIC DOCTRINE KILLING MASCHINE (T.S.P) on Loving, Turning the cheek, Acknowledgement and Humility, which made me Read All THOSE Incredible Books that Completely Changed my Life to a Whole NEW LEVEL of Understanding. What a Joy and Great Delight it is now to watch and see Mr. Christopher flow. I am Thankful to my Brothers who brought him back to our attention and I am thankful for The Marvelous Work and A Wonder.

T.S.P (The Sealed Portion) helped me and my friends exceedingly. Long story short again, my family began to call me a cultist. People used my testimonies to mock and ridicule me. All the days of my life, so many people have spread lies about me, things that I honestly know nothing about. I could have been jailed for these things if there was no eyewitness…things that I know, but in a twisted version, even things that I wasn’t even there for. (I guess my head is attractive to lies, or, “What goes around, comes around,” because I was lying to the women too.)

I have COME to a realization a very long time ago that pointing your fingers at another person, only 2 of your fingers actually point to that person while 3 fingers points back at you. Indicating that you are more responsible for whatever happens to you in your life. I take FULL responsibility for All that happened to me in my life, because NO ONE forced me to do anything but myself.

In the meantime, I have read: the Book of Mormon, T.S.P, Human Reality (brought to my attention by my beloved brother), 666 Revelation Unfolded, Pentateuch Illuminated, The True History of Religion, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati Created the Book of Mormon, Sacred not Secret, The book of Malachi, Isaiah, and the Suicide book rough draft. I have also watched most of the Zeitgeist videos etc. and I was in the 07.01.2023 zoom meetings. Christopher has perfectly explained everything.

Years ago, my 9-year-old daughter told me, “Things (like people) don’t actually die; they just wake up somewhere else and continue living. We all don’t look how we look here in the post mortal life,” and, “We are all equal.” She is now 15 years old. Back then, I understood not what she was saying, but I have humbled myself, because T.S.P says to listen to your daughters. And that little girl truly helped me a lot. I have sat her down and let her know again that “Uncle Chris” is the ONE and ONLY TRUE Messenger and explained in Purity and Plainess to her Everything Christopher has been Teaching. I even made her Understand what she has been seeing and the reason. I gave her MWAW YouTube channel etc. To my great astonishment, she did not argue or ask “Why, how, but,” etc. She just let it all sink in. That clicked in my head that TRULY, except a person becomes like a little child—meek, humble, ready to receive what the Lord will inflict upon him—he will never know the REAL TRUTH. Brothers and Sisters, I can’t even write the 1/10 of my life experiences, so I will stop here.

I want to say with All My Heart: THANK You Big Chris (please allow me to say that one time) for all you have and are still doing for the world. I know you don’t want people to put you on the pedestal, which I will never do, and because I respect your decision. BUT the Truth is, You are The Undisputed True Messenger. The Undisputed and Profound REAL-TRUTH Proves it Time after Time and Day after day.

I want to thank the Production team and the Information-Sharing Team for your efforts to bring this Undisputed REAL-TRUTH to the Rooftop. You are All Marvelous, which makes this Work a Marvelous Work and A Wonder. The REAL-TRUTH Truly Raises the dead, opens the eyes of the blind, opens the ears of the deaf, and breaks through every steel-hardened heart, because IT is the Water that giveth Life. It Purges and Flushes out all the water from the river and fountain corrupted with the blood of the dead man from our vessels, and gives us the pure red blood that giveth life, which can ONLY Come From the REAL-TRUTH.


Kevin Osas Christopher

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