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My Story

This is my personal story of how I found the Marvelous Work and a wonder.

I was a regular member of the LDS/Mormon Church basically all of my life. My parents joined this church in the mid 60’s before I was born, in Lima, Peru. They named me: Moroni Tomas Morales Nieto (when I became a US citizen, my legal name, for simplicity, convenience, and in honor of my mother, was reduced to just Tomas Nieto).

From an early age, I felt that following the church’s programs and direction was what I was supposed to do to have a “successful” life and reach salvation in the highest degree of glory in the kingdom of heaven (which, by the way, I never grasped the concept). I was encouraged in church to always aim for the possible reward in the afterlife, according to the plan of salvation.

Attending church most Sundays gave me an idea of what I believed a good child of god should be like. Sacrament and Testimony Meetings, Sunday school, and Priesthood lessons, etc. reinforced my beliefs which eventually led me to go on a mission, attend church-owned schools, a temple marriage and to work towards obtaining an eternal family.

Some of my early spiritual experiences that helped me seal my commitment and devotion to the LDS church included reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., and receiving a Patriarchal Blessing. I remember studying a missionary booklet about the prophet. His story about the vision had always sounded too incredible to be true and I had the need, when I was 14, to know for once if it was true. After reading and praying, I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy and an assurance in my heart.

Years later, I had a stronger experience when one night, when I was 20 years old, I had fallen asleep in bed without praying and I woke up in the middle of the night with this frightening sensation of total emptiness in my heart that got me very scared. I then opened my eyes and stood up to rush to the scriptures to see if there was something the spirit was trying to tell me. I opened the Book of Mormon at random and landed on Alma, chapter 17, which was about the sons of Mosiah and Alma, the son, on how they got ready and went traveling on missions to share the gospel after their extraordinary conversion. I knew then that I should get ready to go on a mission because that’s what the spirit was making me see through this scripture.

My Patriarchal Blessing was another impactful spiritual experience that made me believe, even more, that I was on the path of becoming a servant of the Lord for the rest of my life. Even the Patriarch, himself, shed tears of joy with me at the end of the blessing. The blessing received, was in my opinion, very unique for a Peruvian kid that was only trying to do the right thing by following all the requirements to go on a mission and keep advancing in the Priesthood offices of the church. The blessing itself seemed so powerful that anyone who reads it would immediately guess that God had great plans in his church for me to do, like a General Authority, or some special witness of Jesus Christ and his church. Little did I know then, that in some incredible and unexpected way, it would become true. :)

Many spiritual experiences made me rely on prayer, when making important decision in life. I could pray for just about anything and would always get an answer by clearly distinguishing between a yes and a no from the “spirit.” I really thought I was very special because of this “gift.” I was even a little famous in my ward, stake, and mission areas for giving powerful “bendiciones de salad.” Somehow these faithful members could feel the power of God and the Priesthood in the words that came out of my mouth. I certainly couldn’t explain where these feelings and inspiration came from, other than it had to be from the Priesthood I held.

After serving a mission in the north coast of Peru: Trujillo mission, I tried to go back to college. Unfortunately at the time, the political and economical conditions of the country were affecting the educational system with strikes, causing to delay and lose entire semesters. This situation encouraged me to apply to BYU. Luckily, I got accepted and moved to Provo, Utah in January of ’91. Years later, I was married in the temple and was living the LDS/Mormon dream with a decent job, a family, and attending church regularly, even though the relationship with my wife at the time was far from perfect.

After many attempts to make my marriage last, because I had no intention of breaking my temple sealing and ruining my Mormon dream, I finally got divorced. Though heartbreaking at first, this back to single status gave me the time and opportunity to spend more time seeking and engaging in controversial doctrine topics, provoking my curiosity to the point of being willing, fearlessly, to get to the bottom of all the mysteries of the church doctrine and history. I also wanted to know how screwed up I was from eternal salvation, due to my divorce.

As I was researching church history, I ran across topics atet I had always put aside and shadowed away with my testimony of the Book of Mormon, which always made everything about the church and its doctrine true, just as I was taught growing up and preached on my mission. I joined various discussion groups that would debate history and deep church doctrine. I was looking for more reasonable and logical answers to questions like: what happens to children of divorced parents in the next life, who gets to keep them? Why haven’t we received any more significant revelation after Joseph Smith? Where are the three Nephites today? When will the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon be revealed? Was the curse of the Negro really about their lack of testimony in the preexistence and therefore, what kind of testimony had I had as a Hispanic (I’m not white or black but dark vanilla color)? I wanted to understand the historicity of the Book of Mormon, it’s anachronisms and lack of archeological evidence. I had many more questions I had pied up in my shelf over the years. One in particular that never felt right in my mind had to do with the repentance process, particularly the step of “confessing.” I remember that every time I went to a bishop, mission, or stake president interview, all they cared about was the details of my “sinful act.” I just felt these interviews were unnecessary and stupid. I never had a spiritual confirmation of this being christlike or from God. At this point in my life, I was on the fence, and was determined to find answers. However, I was still afraid of the church leadership coming after me and finding what I was up to, skipping church.

Going through different discussion topics with online friends, on one occasion in March or 2014, someone posted in a humorous way, a link to The Sealed Portion book. This caught my curiosity immediately. I thought, who would bother to invent a book which supposed to be two times longer than the Book of Mormon to pretend to be a new prophet, and what kind of content could it possibly have? And if this wasn’t released by the LDS church itself, I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find out why, at last by reading part of its content.

As I started reading, I noticed immediately that the writing style was very similar to the Book of Mormon’s, as if the same authors were not expanding on the mysteries of the Bible and the Book of Mormon with more detail and logical explanations with the admonishing tone of a scripture, but this time they were “unleashing” a tremendous amount of information that blew up my mind. I kept reading and reading because things that were kept in the back of my mind with unclear meaning for most of my life, were now being brought to light with simple and logical explanations.

After reading 50 chapters, there was no more question in my mind that the source of its content couldn’t be of evil nature but rather from an amazing enlightened one. I then decided to research who this Christopher guy was. I wanted to know what he was like and how he came out with the sealed portion book on his own.

Seeing so much criticism online against this person, it only made me more curious. I found many videos of his old shows that I would watch every Sunday morning. Since leaving the church, I just couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth, with no script in hand.

I was finally able to comprehend the real meaning completely straight from his head. I could only think in those days that he was either the greatest inventor of lies I’ve ever seen or really a true messenger. Later, I realized that the sealed portion book was only the tip of the iceberg to lead me to more and more unfolding of real truth. More unfolding of mysteries I’ve found in the rest of the books that this Marvelous Work and a Wonder and The Real Illuminati with his messenger have made available for free, for anyone to “partake of the fruit.”

In following this work for six years, I’ve been able to put many pieces of the puzzle together. All the questions I had about God, the scriptures, and real truth about our existence, make complete sense now with the answers provided by this work.

Growing up I was taught to fear god, now I can happily say that I don’t have to, because I understand him. I now want to be a good human because it brings me joy and not because I’m taught to be so, with no pressure from an external source or entity. I can’t thank this work enough for helping me open my mind in ways I could never have been able to do by myself. I’m a happier person knowing that I’m in control of my life.

I therefore want to bear testimony to the world, that Christopher Nemelka, The Marvelous Work and a Wonder, and the Real Illuminati have and continue to unfold the mysteries of God in its fulness. Their message speaks truth to my mind and heart. They have shown to me, clear and precise evidence of the truth of our human existence: Who we are and why we exist. I have no doubt that if we follow the plan providing the solutions to the problems of this world, as they have provided, poverty can be eliminated completely. Then we can truly live up to the measure of our creation, in a world where our dreams will come true.

Anyone can contact me to verify my story presented here.

Tomas Nieto


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