Marianne Shapley Hammon

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Hello, I was born March 1990 in Colorado City, AZ in the FLDS (Fundamental Latter Day Saints) church. I grew up when the Jeffs were the leaders. They taught us that the only people worthy of the lord was our group — all others were wrong. They made me feel as if anything outside the church was evil. They controlled what we could read, wear, eat and look at. There was such a weight of fear I carried everywhere. I wanted to do right. 

In January of 2015, things in the church started not making sense to me. I felt trapped mentally. Where do I go? What do I believe? I was taught the world is evil and is going to be destroyed and if I turned against the church, I would be damned and burn in hell. What they were teaching didn’t add up to what we grew up learning. 

It took me until November of that year to make the move away and leave that church. For a few years, anything religion I put aside and would have nothing to with it. I felt a longing for something — answers to all my questions. I had been told to put up on the shelf and not worry about things that didn’t make sense, but deep down inside I felt there was an answer out there. I started going to different church sessions here and there. Nothing felt right. I still walked away with the same feelings. 

In the summer of 2021, Robert (my husband now) asked me on a date. After the second date, he sent me the audio book on “The True History of Religion” and asked me to listen to it. I started listening to it and the questions I had been seeking answers for, were there! It was mind blowing! I wanted more! It took a load off my mind. I felt free and clear-minded. 

As I listened to Coffee with Chris, I would try and find something I could debate with him. I would have one and then I would read or listen to Christopher and my question would be answered. It has brought so much peace to my life!! After being set free with The Real Truth, I look back and I’m amazed at how the church controlled us with fear, the fear of everything good and bad. My heart is happy knowing this work. 


Marianne Shapley Hammon 


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