Leslie Barrett

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My name is Leslie Barrett. This is my story…. I am so grateful to have found this Marvelous Work and a Wonder, Humanity Party, and Christopher our Messenger. I have found that everything I’ve ever wanted to know about human reality and religion is explained through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder and every solution to humanity’s problems is presented through the Humanity Party. I have, at long last, found some peace in this lone and dreary world. I had been searching and searching my whole life for some kind of meaning and my purpose for living. I grew up in the 60’s in a suburb of Wash. DC—McLean, Va.—-in a pretty small, broken family—–with all the inherent confusion, heartache, and unhappiness that entailed. I had no sort of religious influence in my childhood. I would ask my parents “How come we don’t go to church?” And they would tell me that religious/church people were all a bunch of hypocrites—they beat their children all week and then on Sunday they dress up and go to church. I kind of believed them. My stepfather was an atheist and very adamant about it. My Mom would tell me that she believed in God but would be kind of all mysterious—- pretty much saying that it was a very personal thing that I would figure out for myself. I thought God was some kind of all knowing being; everywhere at all times, and he would maybe help you when you needed it. But I never could find him or ever had any evidence of him. So time passed and I survived my childhood. Moving on thru high school and into my 20’s, I became very Anti-establishment—living in a suburb of the nation’s capitol, I did not believe in the politics, the government, economics, the military (war machine), or organized religion. My boyfriend (and future husband) was of like mind. We decided to move out west to Utah for the best skiing in the world, and to get away from the overcrowding, overbuilding, terrible traffic, and bullshit, corrupt government (Watergate). At about this same time we read this book that had a huge impact on us, called “The Primal Scream” by Arthur Janov. He developed this psychotherapy based on the premise that neurosis is caused by the repressed pain of childhood trauma. The Primal Institute was in LA and San Francisco. We did this 2 week/$2000 “intensive”—–you actually lived at the house where you did the individual and group therapy sessions. $2000 was a fortune to us at the time. This therapy helped me a lot—saved my ass for a time, temporarily—-from my big, fat, HUGE issues in my childhood. BUT………..as time went on I was still this kind of empty shell of a person——–filling it up with booze, drugs, partying a lot, shopping—-still wanting answers and not finding any lasting, true understanding, or belief in anything. So I think I read every self-help book, and new-age religion book at Golden Braid Bookstore in SLC 1985-1995. I also went to New Age churches. I tried my damndest to BELIEVE in something—and I couldn’t find GOD, and I could not see the angels in the trees—my best friend told me that she and her husband saw them at the same time!!!!!!! This went on for a good 10 years. And then I met Burke Bluemel. He started working as a nurse with me and we became good friends. We were both going thru our divorces at the time. He became my roommate and my boyfriend. He was also searching for answers as I was and so we would both try these new therapies and new-age churches that we could find —— Breathwork and Yoga, too. He was reading this book, the Sealed Portion, and I decided to read it, and go see the person (Christopher) that wrote/translated it. This was approximately 2004. Christopher was speaking at the downtown library SLC. Well I must say—-I was awestruck, by his looks alone!!!!! (I just had to say that), but it’s true. Seriously, I saw this incredible person and I could sense his honesty, and integrity, and kindness. Looking at him as I see him years later, I believe that he embodies the premise/commandment/golden rule of “Love yourself with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, and love others as you love yourself.” I believe in him as OUR MESSENGER. I am very grateful that he is here with us. I have read all of the books as they became available to us. My questions are all being answered——line upon line—— I have changed as a person—-a person that I actually like, a lot of the time. My eyes have been opened to see myself. I never realized that I was Drama queen woman, Guile woman, Judgmental Asshole woman, Victim woman, Jealous woman, PoorPoorPitifulMe woman, Nervous/Worried woman. My choice is now to be Awesome woman to the best of my ability. What I’ve learned thru this incredible Work about who we are and why we exist has helped me to know myself. And that’s pretty important considering I am the “God” that I have always been searching for.

This MWAW is “IT” for me and I thrive on it. The Humanity Party® makes perfect and complete sense to this Anti-establishment person that I am. I have NEVER voted until I voted for the Humanity Party in 2016!!!!!!!! I dedicate the rest of my life to supporting this Marvelous Work and a Wonder/Humanity Party/True Messenger in any way possible. ***** A very important footnote here ****** I would drive with my son Nick in his goddamn cars off a cliff into a crocodile, snake, and bug infested labyrinth, to end poverty and inequality.

Leslie Ann Barrett


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