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To whomever may decide to read this story,

I can only hope that my personal story will have some sort of positive impact on you. I may never know those who read my story and how it makes them feel or think. I do know that my life has been positively affected by the work called The Marvelous Work and a Wonder (MWAW). Thus, I assume that others may find similar outcomes if they are sincerely searching and are willing to do the things that this work requires, before it can truly work its work on the person that is seeking its help. I will speak purely from my personal perspective on this matter, as it is impossible for me to understand exactly how this work has helped anyone but me.


What is the MWAW to me?

It is the truth. The real truth about everything in existence. Because I am a “thing” in this universe, it contains the truth about ME. It is my one and only source of true information regarding who I really am, why I am on this planet called Earth, and what is going to happen to me after I die, if anything. Since finding this work, I have tried on multiple occasions to see if any other information can provide me with the same sense of logical and emotional fulfillment. In my many searches, I have found nothing but ignorance, self-aggrandizement, and lies. It is like living in a world where every drinking fountain contains muddy and putrid water except one, where the water is pure and clean. The most shocking part of it to me is that very few ever seek well enough to find and drink from this fountain of pure water.


How do I know that the MWAW contains the real truth?

Because it makes sense to me and brings my soul peace and rest. It has helped me make sense of my perspective in this infinite universe. It contains information that once known, you cannot unknow. Once seen, you cannot unsee. Because I have studied this work and it cannot be found elsewhere, I know more real truth than any scientist, doctor, politician, religious leader, or guru on Earth. That comes with the caveat that if any human wants to know the same things I know, it is FREELY available for them to devour it too. But again, it comes with a requirement that the student MUST become as a little child and gain for themselves a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.” That means that a person must let go of everything they think they know to be truth. If that requirement is not met, then it is impossible for a prospective student to progress at all along this pathway of education. It only takes a little bit of contemplation regarding our current world to see that this Earth is FULL of lies and ignorance and that nothing that is happening on this planet is proving of any real value to the well-being of the human beings that inhabit it. This work has provided to me the solutions to every single problem facing our world. It has shown me that it is different from the rest of this world.


Why does the real truth and MWAW matter to me?

Because I am made of matter, and every single thing in the universe is made of matter, so it matters to me. LOL!! But for real, the real truth is things as they really are, as they really have been, and as they will be to come in the future. Real truth never changes. Anything that changes or can change is not real truth. It may be some “thing’s” truth, but if it’s not eternally constant in the universe, then it isn’t real truth. Now why does that matter to me? This is where my story begins.


The beginning

In 2012, I was “normal” in every way. I was seeking for the same thing that everyone else seeks for: Personal value! Whether this value came in the form of money, popularity, education, influence, or religion, it doesn’t matter. I was seeking value in any way I could obtain it. At the time, I did not know that was what I was doing. I just did it because that’s what I thought everyone did. I thought I was correct in doing so. In my mind, I was more correct in my ways of seeking value than others. At that point in my life, I received most of my personal value from religion. I firmly believed that my religion was the one and only true religion on Earth. I believed that my church was the only one where the members would receive the highest levels of heaven. Yes, I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormons.

My parents were both Mormon, so were both my sets of grandparents, and I think even all my great-grandparents were also Mormons. Such a long and proud history of righteousness. I grew up being told stories about how my great-great-great (I don’t know how many exactly) grandfather was one of Joseph Smith’s bodyguards. Oh, how proud I was that I came from such a great line of priesthood authority. Surely, I would be one of the great souls that would escort Lucifer himself into outer darkness. This is how I thought before August of 2014.

I know from personal experience that this is actually how many Mormons see themselves. LDS people are taught these types of things from very early ages. We are also taught (and I believed hook line and sinker) that if we keep the commandments of God (which are really commandments of whoever the current leaders of the church are) that we would reign in God’s kingdom forever. I fully believed that the men who were the leaders of that church were prophets, seers, and revelators. Those who speak the words of Christ himself.

So just to really illustrate how Mormon (RELIGIOUS) I was, I will give the following details about my life in short form. Each one of these things demonstrates righteousness within the Mormon religion. I was….

Baptized, received the priesthood when I was 12, was the teachers and priest’s quorum president, attended and graduated from 4 years of seminary, never drank alcohol, never smoked, never did drugs, never had sex (until just before I was married, then I slipped up, I mean in), partook of the sacrament weekly, received my patriarchal blessing, read the Book of Mormon lots, served a 2-year full-time mission in Louisiana, attended LDS institute classes, married a Mormon girl in the temple (after we repented for our lucifers fondling each other), taught 3 year-olds at church, taught 8 year-olds at church, taught adults in church, spoke in stake conference, fathered 3 children as per God’s eternal family plan, paid a full tithe for 22 years, served in the bishopric … and that’s where my Mormon journey abruptly ended.

As you can see, I was pretty darn righteous. My entire life was completely centered around religion. Specifically, the Mormon religion. I did everything right according to the knowledge that was given to me by my parents, family, and religious leaders. I was on the fast track to heaven. So I thought … and so did they.

In March of 2012, the LDS church did something that really shook my world, something that even my calloused Mormon conscience could not overlook. Its 15 highest leaders opened up a mall worth $1.5 BILLION dollars. Now why would this shake a person who has spent so many years following the prophet? Well, because despite my solidarity toward the church, there were other factors in play that had formed at least a part of my then-current reality. One of those factors is called The Book of Mormon. Within that book, there are many teachings of ancient prophets, and it even contains a record of Jesus Christ visiting the ancient inhabitants of America. WOW!! Amazing eh! Within this record is a verbatim account of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which is contained in the Bible’s book of Matthew. This sermon is where he basically teaches the world how to live properly according to the commandments of GOD. Now don’t ask me why I thought during my whole Mormon life that I needed anything more than these very simple and lovely teachings. But I did. Anyway, within this sermon, the Lord himself explains that we must clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit the sick and afflicted, and many more very important things. Now this is where my cognitive dissonance began.

How and why would a true prophet of God and the mouthpiece of Christ on Earth ever allow for $1.5 BILLION of the Lord’s money to be spent on a shopping mall rather than spending that same amount of money on feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and afflicted? This was the very first crack that formed in my cognitive paradigm. Now you will begin to see how the water of truth would seep into that crack and expand, thus forcing those cracks to widen until the entire structure of my brain changed and was rebuilt. Prior to this moment, I would have told you that it was utterly impossible for anything to ever tear me away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now, believe it or not, my source for that water of truth was none other than The Book of Mormon. How ironic, eh!!! LOL!! After this event, slowly I began to see flaws within the church and religion. It didn’t take me long to see how a person such as Brigham Young was DEFINITELY NOT a very good person. Apparently, I just needed a little bit of a crack in my beliefs to be able to open my eyes. I began to find many more things between the Mormon Church and The Book of Mormon that were not really aligning.

Between 2012 and 2014, I basically had my own sort of mental deconstruction. However, I never left the church. I remained vigilant and honestly expected that becoming more staunch within Mormonism was the solution. I thought that maybe I was being tested by God and that eventually he would reveal the secrets about why his church was still true despite the failings I could see with my own eyes. Aside from the religious issues that I was experiencing, pretty much my entire life was falling apart. Financially, I was in huge trouble due to some bad business mistakes (mostly greed), I had 3 small children and a beautiful and patient wife that was losing her patience with my constant life failures (pride), and I was searching everywhere I could find on the internet for answers to my deepest questions (ignorance). I basically went on a deep dive of everything from religious history to aliens to porn. NOTHING at all ever filled me full of the answers I needed. Why was I suffering so much despite being the best little Mormon ever? Shouldn’t God be blessing me rather than cursing me? There were literally moments where I prostrated myself on the ground and begged whatever God could possibly hear me to please just tell me the truth. Well…..that answer did come, but not how I expected it to, nor by whom I expected it to come. Remember I talked about having a “broken heart and a contrite spirit”? I had finally arrived. I was willing to accept whatever the truth REALLY was, no matter what it REALLY was. I was ready to sell my soul for a drink from the fountain of living water.


The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon

Somewhere near the beginning of August 2014, as I was in this contrite state of mind, my wife took the kids and left to visit family for the weekend. For some reason or another, I stayed home. This left me with an opportunity to get some much-needed peace and quiet. During the first evening home alone, I decided to search the internet for anything that could guide me along in life. I was mostly searching for LDS prophets’ words to help me understand. At some point, I had the thought to search for The Sealed Portion of The Book of Mormon. I had heard things regarding this secretive book through church and most importantly, The Book of Mormon itself. My search results provided me with a video of an elderly lady talking about how she was excommunicated because she read and believed The Sealed Portion. This caught my interest even though it felt like this was most likely another dead end. Ida Smith told me her story. She explained how she was also like me in terms of “Mormonness.” She was a very prominent LDS woman in her life. She rubbed shoulders with not only General Authorities of the LDS church, but also high-level Mormon politicians. For someone like Ida to reject the teaching of the church and be excommunicated was almost unheard of. Well, obviously, I was gonna read that book. And then I learned about Christopher.

My hope was very low, as I had stumbled across way too many fakes and frauds, ALL trying to provide personal value to themselves. Was this one any different? Was this dude any different from the other desperados? Maybe; but how would I know anyway? I followed my way onto a website about Christopher. It was completely full of material that was absolutely hateful toward Christopher. I almost closed the internet in disgust; but then, within my own mind, I spoke to myself. I basically reasoned that I would never know if this man was the real deal or not unless I read his work. I knew of a story of another man who also was spit upon and hated, who really wanted to do good.

I read, and I read, and I read. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I could barely breathe sometimes. My eyes filled with tears and my heart skipped many a beat. But the most alarming of all, my mind made sense of these words. They seemed to touch my mind and heart like a drop of water would a parched tongue. DAMN I WAS THIRSTY!!!

I do not know when the moment my entire being changed, but it did at some point between the title page and 2 days later. My wife returned home from her short visit. She greeted me with a standard hello to which I returned… “I am never going to church again.” Obviously, that is the very last thing she would ever expect me to say. She looked at me befuddled and I repeated what I just said, but there was no joking in my eyes.


The next 6 months

To help you further understand the power that religion held over me, it’s important to understand my wife’s reactions over the next 6 months. After she and the kids were settled in from their return home, she and I had a conversation about what had transpired over the past 2 days. I explained exactly what had happened and told her that I was absolutely convinced that no religion on Earth was the correct religion. After a lengthy conversation, we parted ways with her justly explaining to me that she will believe it when she sees it. That comment was in regards to me never going to church again. She was happy that I didn’t want to go. She had never been as into it as me, and it was quite a hill of contention between us over the years. There were times prior to my change of heart that I would get emotionally distraught because she would choose not to read scriptures with me or pray with me before bed. Ugh….

The weeks went by. I read and I read and I read. I still could not put the book down. Stupidly, I would discuss what I was learning with my wife, even though I barely understood it myself. Many times, she would look at me like I was crazy. LOL!!! She still does; but now she knows it’s true too and loves me even more. There were many times she would just have to shut me up ‘cause it was the only thing I could think and talk about.

Six months went by and I was changing. I knew it and so did my wife. My life started slowly working itself out. And just to be clear, the positive change wasn’t because of some supernatural God power. It was from me understanding very important things about myself, like how I am the ONLY entity in the universe that has caused my life to be exactly what it is and I am the only entity in the universe who decides my current path and how I use my free will. There is no God above, below, or beside me, other than every other human on Earth, who is also a God unto themselves. This was one of those truths that no matter what, I would never be able to unsee it. My wife told me after 6 months that she was starting to believe something changed in me. She accepted that I was never going to church again.


From then till now

It’s now been over 9 years since that fateful weekend. I still have never gone to church. Not because I dislike the people or anything, but only because there is absolutely nothing there for me anymore. There is literally not one thing that going to church can do for me that would benefit my life.

Wanna know another cool fact? There is no other source of information in my life that I use in my life’s walk other than the MWAW. So, either I am completely brainwashed again, OR my thirst is quenched. Now, I will explain how I know it is the latter of those two options.

One of the things that really pulled me into this work is the fact that there is absolutely ZERO requirement for anyone to spend a single penny to receive every speck of information that the MWAW publishes. Yes, the hard copy books cost money, but every single book is also offered free of charge to download. WHAT?!?!?! Who does that? No one. I have listened to practically every single podcast, radio show, video and read every single publication and have never paid a single penny to the MWAW or to Christopher. However, I have bought a few of the books because I like having hard copies. But I didn’t buy them until long after I read all the information contained within them.

I am a completely different human being than I was in 2012. In a selfish way, I am grateful that the LDS church leaders opened a mall. Had they never stirred my conscience, I might never have found this fountain of pure water. I view humanity completely differently than I used to. I have a respect that can only come from truly knowing the worth of a soul. I did not understand this worth when I was LDS. My self-worth was very low due to this ignorance. Now, I love myself with ALL of my heart, might, mind, and strength. I also love all other humans with that same love. That truth—that the soul should be loved as above—brings me so much peace and is the basis of solving every single problem that this world has. What more could there be? Oh, there is much much, much, much, much, much more. And it is all incredibly amazing.

“By their fruits ye shall know them” is basically what went through my mind 9 years ago, when I had my doubts. But it’s the truth. By the fruit that has grown in my life due to my acceptance of the MWAW into my life, I partake daily of the love of God. I am God and I know it. Throughout the years of studying, I have learned many lessons. I have had to learn patience for myself and for all others. Extreme levels of patience. I have had to learn to act to make my life what I want it to be. There is no God other than myself waiting to bless me for being good and punish me for being evil. When I do good acts, my life is wonderful and when I do evil acts, my life is terrible. I have learned what good and evil actually is. I have learned what my true potential as a human is. I see myself, other humans, and the world I live in as a sea of glass. I understand it clearly. I understand the cause and the solutions to ALL of Earth’s problems. I am able to diagnose and repair my life when it is in disarray.

My life is very, very far from perfect. I still suffer all sorts of sadness, disappointment, depression, and anger. How can I not, when I know the solutions to the world’s problems, but no one wants to have a “broken heart and a contrite spirit” so that they also can learn the solutions to the world’s problems? My soul weeps endlessly for this world and the suffering it is causing on everyone. I wish I could lift this burden from the world, but no one can. Only we can lift ourselves from the imperfectness of this world and be true saints. Not Latter-Day Saints, but saints who sit patiently and wait for all of our beloved to come back and understand the mistakes we have made.

Please, I beg you, just listen and learn. That is, unless you already know the solutions to every problem the world faces. Yes, it’s different. Yes, it’s scary to let go of our personal value. But not near as scary as the world we live in.


Your friend,

Kevin Martin


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