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My story, a journey of discovery:

A journey of discovery is the best way to describe my life.  I’ve always seemed to enjoy learning how things worked.  I’ve a curious mind perhaps.  Taking something apart or exerting extra focus and study on whatever thing that interested me at the time was evident throughout my youth.  This quest to discover did not stop short on the physical world, but was magnified by the spiritual mysteries that seemed like a great illusion from a magician, and I wanted to know how it was done.

Before I explain what happened at the climax of my spiritual discovery, will share some important factors that prefaced the experience.

I begin with my upbringing in an environment of christianity, where bible study was introduced at a young age. I specifically remember I had one instance where I was about 9 or 10 years old and my question had to do why are there poor starving people in the world like Africa? It troubled me greatly that this was going on and realizing that even though my parents were sending money to help one individual through a charity many were not getting any help.  I was led to believe that their bad situation had to do with a lack of influence of christianity in there country.  To which my response was why aren’t Christians doing anything about it, why aren’t all the Christian faiths working together to fix someone from starving to death?  My answer was not satisfactory, and left me feeling empty.  I wanted to have starvation eliminated and nothing seemed to be able to do it for everyone.

My older experiences at about the age of 12 had to do with faith and the idea of being saved by baptism.  I was a good kid and never caused trouble and the concept that I was not worthy to be saved unless I was baptized was something of a mystery but wanting to do the right thing was in my mind and my parents encouraged me to do it.  I remember at this time taking an interest in different religious leaders that were on tv.  This was just before the Evangelical scandals came out with the Bakers and the likes.  I remember seeing them and the feeling I got was that they were not to be trusted.  I felt like there were many leaders which were intending to mislead people for money, which made me more sad then skeptical.  I guess I had hope that there were still some good leaders who weren’t in it for the money.

I participated in a few different non Denominational churches in my teens and it was never very pleasing because I wasn’t hearing anything new.  It could have been that I was just going through adolescence and didn’t care about much of anything.  Likewise I could see the differences in each branch of faith really didn’t mean that much to me especially when they just seemed like silly traditions and interpretations passed down. I felt like no one was really able to teach with authority.

At the time I was in my early twenties and had by my own choice so I stopped attending church for a couple of years.  I was feeling alone in the world and had weight upon my soul that left me feeling empty.  I did not know what I lacked other than the truth about who I was, and what I was doing in life that was of any importance.  I was at a moment that is best described as broken hearted with a contrite spirit.  I hadn’t prayed in a long time, so when I did it this time I had my heart and soul in it.  I asked God if he was even there and that if he was, that I wanted to know the truth and to which church I should go, and that he should send me someone to meet to take me there.

It was only a couple days later that I received a knock at my door with the offer to teach me about a religious faith of which the missionaries were from.  It was at this time I felt compelled to listen, because of my prayer to know which church was right.  It was at this time that my mind started to become open, I realized that I didn’t know and was willing to learn. The trigger that really opened up my mind was was when the missionary who was a Jehovah’s Witness commented negatively about Mormonism. I interrupted him and said unless he had done the lessons similar to what he was trying to teach me from them, he wouldn’t know what they believed unless he heard it from the horse’s mouth like I was attempting to get from him.  So as I was taught what they believed and read the things I was to read and I then pondered the message but nothing fruitful became of it, because it didn’t make sense to me.

Not long after, I was approached  by a friend to investigate the Mormons and take their discussions.  I did accept the offer reluctantly because I retained a bit of bias towards them.  It took repeating two of the discussions for me to finally allow the missionaries to teach me without a closed mind.  Once I began the discussion with the opportunity to contrast their message with a counter opinion from anti-mormon material I was willing to pursue learning about Mormonism.  So, for every discussion that was given I also read and discussed anti-mormon ideas with my friend for hours.  Upon doing so, I discovered most of my concerns about Mormonism were resolved and this made the opposition point of view weaker.  However, there were issues with mormon doctrine that upon examination I was not able to resolve due to my lack of religious understanding be it Christian or Mormonism.  Not that I didn’t try to understand by reading everything I could get my hands on, but  unfortunately the internet was not readily available yet so I was limited to actual books.  So I was left to determine the truthfulness of Mormonism to myself.  Surprisingly within the book of mormon there was promised a way for one to know if the book was true by studying and with real intent and asking God.  It was in 1995 that I took the challenge of the book of mormon and oh how that challenge unfolded.  Needless to say It changed me.  The experience confirmed then and still is to this day even though I’m no longer a mormon, that Joseph Smith Jr. and The Book Of Mormon were from heavenly father, symbolic of course.

As I entered the mormon society I began to see that even though I read the book multiple times, other members rarely would.  I was always eager to have an understanding of the mysteries of God.  I longed for the other books mentioned in the book of mormon to come forth especially The Sealed Portion but the church did not have them. So the only mysterious spiritual knowledge that was available for a member was within the mormon temple, called the endowment. I spent considerable effort, time and money (tithing) to be worthy to receive my temple endowment.  I was under the impression that the temple was where I could have the saving ordinances performed and learn the mysteries of God.

My first experience with the temple was anti climatic, in that I expected to learn great things and ironically I did but could not except or rather comprehend it at the time.  I was left with more questions and did not come away from it with a renewed sense of passion for the church. There were two concepts that I recognized at the time during the temple presentation that didn’t make sense to me nor to anyone else that had watched it because no one ever discussed anything about the temple.  Ignorance of the true meanings prevent members from talking about it, because know one wants to look dumb and to justify the ignorance they place a false condition  mandating that the subjects of the temple are not to be discussed because they are secret.

Now the two concepts that blew my mind when I first saw the presentation were these.  Within the play the character Elohim speaks to Jehovah to go down to the man Adam and see if Lucifer is there and to bring him back word of how it’s going… ” you mean God doesn’t already know ” was my thought.   The second concept, was when the character Lucifer was asked by a messenger how was Lucifer’s teaching being received by the community. It freaked me out when Lucifer looked right at the camera, the audience that was watching and said “very well by these” , meaning I was doing what Lucifer was teaching.

Both of these profound ideas that countered mormon and Christian doctrine soon left my memory, likely because I was not ready at the time to dwell on them and loose the value of the mormon faith. And I too became unaware of how ignorant the world is to the temple symbolism that Joseph Smith presented.  However, after several months and multiple times watching it I became saddened at the lack of understanding that was supposed to be obtained.  And I began to see that the leaders did not know anymore than I did about the temple and so it became like a mist of darkness or ignorance that was overtaking my pathway to Truth.

I still had a desire to partake of the fruit of the tree of life but was not finding it within religious dogma, so I wandered a bit.  I looked into new ideas of science and science fiction to explain things, but these things did not make total sense.  The most sense I got was reading just precepts contained mostly in the book of mormon and bible.  The precepts having to do with how we should treat each were important to me but I longed for more, I wanted the problems of the world to be fixed, ie poverty, sickness, war…

For these things to change ,a new way of thinking has to come about, which perhaps is why my thinking changed.  Nevertheless my thinking began to change, or become open to a new way in the year 2010. I was working with good friend, Jared Peterson on a job when the conversation turned to Mormonism and some of the ideas that were in the Book of Mormon but were not Doctrine.  Both of us had experience with the religion and were not satisfied or rather unfulfilled about.  But the information contained in the Book of Mormon was compelling enough to engage us in deep conversation concerning the mysteries of God.

It was at this time that he mentioned that The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon have been translated. I asked why didn’t I know about it from the leadership. His response was perhaps the book doesn’t speak highly of the leadership which is why they wouldn’t want it published by them, which is why it was online not published by the church. I was completely transfixed on the idea that The Sealed Portion was finally available. I had to verify for myself the authenticity of the publication, because i knew there were people out there ready to deceive. But because I have read the book of Mormon a dozen times I felt confident I would know with a surety of its authenticity. I could not wait for the job to be completed so that I could spend 100% of my attention on this book.

The time came that I was free to investigate the book and I did so with anticipation of finding out whether it was true or not. Within ten minutes a reading The Sealed Portion, I said to myself, oh shit what have I done. I was concerned of how I had dealt with my fellow man while being a part of the LDS Church. The words I read rang true to my innermost core of who I am, I knew this was The Sealed Portion. I knew then what I had been doing in the church was incorrect according to the teachings of The Sealed Portion which made perfect sense to me. I then could not go back to the way things were and so I moved forward with my journey of discovery.

Upon investigating The Sealed Portion and its author I found it was connected to other books which gave me great information.  Most were of a religious nature and had the presence of authority by the confounding of the falsehoods in religion and the revealing of great mysteries.  Other books were geared towards the type of reader that valued science or philosophy and the information contained In them was logical and made more sense than anything else I’ve come across.  For several years these books as well as the personal journal of the spokesperson for the MWAW was the most incredible things I’ve ever read and then the best of the best happened.  An actual plan to end poverty and inequality was put forth by way of a new constitution and political party.

This movement of the Humanity party was such a dream come true for me in that I’ve always imagined that there could be a way to have a ” perfect world ” and it is finally available through this work.

This work has changed me for the better.  I’ve been set free. The negative and hurtful things that impact social peace are more easily recognized and judged to be of no worth to me and so I let them go, they don’t hold me down anymore in unhappiness.  I have a greater sense of equality for all and can appreciate everyone because I feel they each are right for themselves and how they experience the world and are just as important to it as I am. It has given me an overall sense of peace, even in the face of the sad state of the world likewise this work has the ability to restore patience to the individual for which I’m grateful. There is hardly a day when in some way I get to apply what I’ve learned from the MWAW into my life to make it better for me and or another, respecting their individual wants. It is my desire to help the work by being a proper example and if my true self has any influence upon me then may I be used to help the servant of vineyard prune, so that there may be good fruit for all.

Thank you Christopher for starting this world and I’m sorry you know your the one who has to end it, but just maybe, perhaps it won’t come to that and can simply play out the way it was intended.

Love and Respect

Joe Lemmon

The information contained in the MWAW has given me a greater sense of equality for all people, which has brought a greater sense of peace to my life. The Humanity Party, which also came from the MWAW values what I find of great worth in my life: promoting and protecting the free will for all people equally, that we might have peace whereby ending poverty and inequality by providing the five basic needs of life. The MWAW means so very much to me, in that my life has changed for the better according to how I treat myself and how I treat others.  The information contained therein has answered all my religious, philosophical, and scientific questions with clarity in so much as to free me from the effects they cause: ignorance, prejudice, and hate. These things are destroying this world. The realization that came from understanding the MWAW was that it brought a personal sense of peace even in a world that struggles to find it. As for the anonymous producers of the MWAW I thank you for working with the messenger. I have the greatest respect for Christopher personally as well as what he has officially published through the MWAW and Humanity Party, in part for the personal sacrifices which he has freely chosen to make for the sake of both, which information, reguardles of its author, has impacted my life for the better.


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My Story

By Joe Lemon

My story begins with having good parents that read the bible as a family as well as going to church of many different kinds throughtout my early years. I enjoyed the stories and lessons about the bible but found that I didn’t like going to church because of the way people of that church worshiped. I personally felt uncomfortable being in an environment where the belief practices of ordinances or simply the styles of the different christian churches did not resonate well with me.

I believed in the message of Christ and him as someone to show me how to live, and that I might live again because of him. As for the bible, I believed it because it spoke of Christ, but aside from that, Its message lacked a unity in order to show how a church should teach the people. Because as a child It made no sense that all the so-called christians of many different faiths couldn’t agree on the meanings of the bible in order that there be unity and end confusion and guesswork.

Then a turning point happened in my life as I opened up to the answer to a question of a rare but heart felt prayer…”God which church should I go to?” As a response to that prayer I became open to what answers might be out there as to which church I should join. This openness allowed me to let go of any preconceived notions about organized religion and so an investigation began.

It seemed that religious choices were crossing my path for something great and I knew my prayer would be answered once the journey began. Through much investigation and solemn prayer with an overwhelming answer to it, I joined a church in 1995. The response to my prayer has remained a firm testimony since having joined the church, however the testimony I gained does not support the truthfulness of the church itself, but of a work and the one that brought it forth.

My prayer went something like this: I was witnessing that I believed Joseph Smith was a true messenger and that the book of mormon is a true record. The confirming witness of a spiritual peace and rushing intensity like fire that burned within my chest was an unmistakable sign to me from the creator. At the time I was under the reasoning that if the book and Joseph were true, then the church he established must be true as well. However, now knowing that Josephs mandate allowed for him to act according to the free will of the people without disclosing his true idenity allows me to reason differently. This makes it easy for me to see how Joseph and the book can be true and the church be separate from that because of the free will of the people which caused the church to come into existance in the first place.

I remember Josephs first vision that the Lord responded to him that all churches are an abomination… and yet he, (Joseph) formed a church. Yes he formed it, but only because the free will of the people wanted a church. I believed this kind of thing happens when a messenger comes and the people want him to be the mouth for the Lord. But the problem comes when the messenger is gone and another takes his place. Even if this other has good intensions, they are not a messenger. Just like the days of Moses where the free will of the people wanted commandments and they got 10 of them. Then somewhere down the road bapitism came into the mix… and the list keeps on coming because that is what the people want. They want rules and regulations to follow instead of keeping it simple like a child and do unto others as you want people to do unto you. Then when Christ teaches that the law of Moses is done away in him, the Jews are confused that there church should be done away … so are the mormons confused when The Sealed Portion teaches there church should be done away.

It seems clear to me that after reading The Sealed Portion that the Mormons like the Jews have looked past the mark and that is sad because it keeps them from seeing human reality. Instead they have looked to the temple in hopes that the sacred will not be secret from them. After reading the Sacred, not Secret book it is clear to me that my first reactions to having my endowment were correct, that the church knows little to nothing about it and at a certain point in the presentation it revealed to me the mark was being overlooked. Meaning that me, the viewer, was doing the very thing that the endowment warns against doing. Which is being apart of organized religion. I don’t know how else to say it, the endowment is awesome when understood! My eyes were opening now!

I then started to read the Human Reality book and the mysteries began to be unfolded before my eyes! In these last five months of reading these three books of I feel like I’ve experienced something like what Plato was describing in his work The alagory of the cave. Meaning the truth has set me free and my eyes have seen the light of the sun and it warms my sole and I wish to help those of whom may be searching for the truth but need help recognizing the images that appear only as shadows because of the dimness of the cave that I too was once bound within.

As to comment on the man behind these works I have seen Christopher respond to critics and have judged him to be who he claims to be. My testimony of Christopher is that he is a true messenger like Joseph Smith was but with a different mandate and the books or works that have come forth from him are truly marvelous to me.

My name is Joseph Lemmon and this is my story and my song is by Pete Townsend “let my love open the door” is the chorus and it meant so much to me when I listened to it after reading the Sacred not Secret book. I like the part that explains how we are to love each other like God loves us and so when I amagine God singing those words in the song it makes me happy and the color I feel represents me is a sky blue.

Thank you.

Joe Lemmon

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