Robert Hammon

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Hi, my name is Robert Hammon. I’m the 22 child of 54 children from one Dad and five mothers. We were all taught the early mormon fundamentals as children. Having the priesthood and being worthy of it was vigorously hammered into all the boys by my dad. I mean literally hammered. The girls were taught to be submissive to the priesthood and the men that held it. My dad and all the mothers were in a placement marriage. So they two surrendered themselves to the priesthood authority. It was tough growing up in this priesthood environment.

I was a very quiet and unsure of myself throughout my childhood. I wanted very badly to please my parents. I would’ve done almost everything if asked. At 15 years of age I had my frist real job. I had become a bagger at the local supermarket where my mother work. My dad had suffered A heart attack and my mom needed help supporting her children. So I work after school and weekends and turned most of my money over to her. At 16 she asked me to drop out of school and help out more. So I did. So in our family we didn’t put all our money together and handle things as one. All the mothers worked and kept there paychecks and supported there children for the most part. We lived in Separate houses or separate parts In the houses.

After about 3 years of helping my mother with her situation I really started questioning the value i had in priesthood. I moved away and started living a different life style. I become a man on the road. I travel throughout the United States working in the construction trades. Learning different things, trying different things. I was always being pulled back to my roots though. I Couldn’t figure out what inside myself that was pulling me back to the things I didn’t want. I really didn’t want anything to do with religion. I could not see any good in it.

So in my mid twenties I had decided to move back to Colorado City. I tried to find peace with religion. But All around me religion was destroying my community. Priesthood had literally ripped the community Apart. I search all different kinds of religion. I could not find what I was looking for, and I couldn’t bring myself to join what my Dad was doing either. My cousin came to me with excitement in his eyes. He had found the sealed portion. He was reading it and was loving it. He told me I had to read it. So I said I would and left it at that. I wasn’t really going to read it. I was done, the last thing I wanted was to read another man’s sealed portion of the book of Mormon. I had already read a few different one’s at that point.

After about 6 months or so the itch was to strong. Here sitting in front of me was The Sealed Portion A final Testament of Jesus Christ, Translated by Christopher. It took me reading two chapter’s before I started flipping through it, read this and that. I was like holy shit this is the real deal. I had to find out who this Christopher was. I dove and and never look back. Finding out who Christopher is and what the Real Illuminati has done for this world has been the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. I look forward to every day I might be able to find more real truth and learn to be a better person.

Robert Hammon

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