Xayne Whitlock Franklin

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Hello, My name is Xayne Whitlock Franklin. I was named after an ancestor named John Whitlock Radford on my mom’s side of the family. Ironically, his first wife divorced him on the grounds of “insanity” because he joined the Mormon church!

I am 16 years old as of writing this. I was born in 2007.  I am the 3rd kid of 4 from my parents Jon and Becky Franklin. Dad found this work long ago in 2014 near the end of February, I just turned 7 at the time he found it yet I knew nothing about it for a while until I was curious, here’s the story.

Before it all began, I rarely remember anything I was told at church because I was young and I never really understood what was going on at the time. After a while, we stopped going to church. Religion was never my cup of tea since then and I was okay with it. Then after a while, I remember a lot of Humanity Party cards lying around the house and at my mom’s salon. This got me asking questions to my mom, asking what the Humanity Party was and what it was about. She told me a little information, but since I was still a little too young to understand, she didn’t want to make me feel confused. My older brother Mitchell started watching the work alongside my parents, which made me grow more curious about the work.

Just before I turned 15, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to ask my mom some deeper questions. I watched a video of someone telling his perspective on what happens after we die and move on. I didn’t know if he was right or wrong in his opinion, so I decided to ask my mom.

My mom has to drive us to the end of our road that we live on to catch the bus. While me and my younger brother Layk were waiting for the bus, I went ahead and asked. I remember her saying something like, “I wish you would ask Christopher that question, he can answer it better than I can!” Then she told me, “think of life like one of your video games… oh look, here comes the bus!” We never got back to the conversation!

Sometime after I turned 15, I was hearing from school that something was going on in Ukraine.  I didn’t understand what was going on and I told my mom what I had heard from school.  She sat down with me and we watched a YouTube video from the Marvelous Work and A Wonder that explained what was happening.  This was the first time I had ever listened to Christopher explain anything.  Then we watched the Humanity Party Plan to Solve Poverty.  I was hooked!

I decided to start joining my parents and my older brother in the Zeitgeist Zoom shows. While we were watching, Christopher noticed that I was tuned into his show and mentioned our family. He gave me the opportunity to ask a question, so I asked what me and my mom never finished discussing. I got to say, my mom was right. Christopher can explain a lot better than she could have because the answer that I got from him made so much sense that it blew my dang mind! The more I listen, the more I learn from him. This work is incredible to the human mind, and it is so fascinating to hear what the message is that he is delivering.

On a side note, my sister moved to Ohio and we drove a U-Haul of furniture out to her.  On our way back, we stopped in Carthage and Nauvoo, Illinois because we had never been there before. I noticed as we stood at the memorials, that I shared a birthday with Hyrum Smith, (February 9th).

I’m glad that my parents found the work and I’m glad I could be a part of it with them.

Xayne Whitlock Franklin


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