Sarah “Starry” DeWitt

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I was raised in the LDS church. I didn’t believe in it as a child, or as an adult until in my thirties. I had fallen on hard times and moved in with my mom and she wanted me to go to church with her. I did, and I started to believe in it. I only went to the temple once when I was eighteen because I was hoping I was going to carpool with the guy I had a crush on.

I almost had a BA in Sociological and Psychological Research, but I failed, and haven’t researched much since, and hate it, and love it – when other people do it.

It was like a miracle that I found the Sealed Portion and pulled myself out of that cult. A friend of mine shared a link to it online, and then she noticed something on the MWAW website – she said that they hated families and worshiped Satan. I didn’t agree with her that that is the position of the Work from the Real Illuminati. So, she doesn’t believe in The Sealed Portion anymore. She did though, just long enough to inform me about it.

Honestly, Christopher has made more sense than anyone I’ve ever heard before!!

I’m a farmer. My husband and I own our own twenty-acre farm in paradise because I want healthy, organic, cheap food. I’m happily selfish much of the time.

Sarah DeWitt – often prefer to go by Starry, a nickname, almost 43 years old.


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