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My Story

I was born in a middle-class family in Ontario, Canada. My parents weren’t religious but sent my younger brother and I on the Sunday school bus to church each week so they could have some alone time. I married my high school sweetheart in 1991, we had three daughters, and we’re still married and in love.

Fast forward to 2020, when we all know what happened in the world, and it greatly affected my husband’s and my lives. We didn’t like any of the ‘measures’ and restrictions, and we came to the realization that we were being lied to so much, by everyone it seemed, and so we began to search for truth.

We had gone to Christian church in our early marriage but had been away from it for around 17 years. Due to all the chaos and uncertainty, we felt that church was the answer. We were then led to believe that the world was in the end times with a messiah to return soon, and we needed to be saved from a ‘hell’. We recommitted our lives to the ‘saviour’ and started attending church once again.

We knew that what mainstream Christianity was preaching of ‘once saved always saved’ was incorrect. We kept searching for the ‘truth’ in a church. From late 2020 on, we honestly prayed DAILY to find the truth.

In 2021, we attended a church that was on the news because it had defied the ‘restrictions’ at the time and was heavily fined by the Canadian government. Then in 2022, we began to think that this church wasn’t teaching correctly, and that we should be obeying everything in the Old Testament, the law of Moses (Torah). We then searched out some new people to fellowship with, which ended up being a crowd of ‘messianic believers’, worshipping on Saturday for sabbath (not Sunday), wearing tzitzits, and observing the Jewish feasts. What we thought was truth kept changing – often!

There was so much discord, strife and fighting among all the groups and people we came in to contact with. When is the sabbath? Sundown to sundown, or sunrise to sunrise? What is the true biblical calendar? How to even pronounce the real names of god and the messiah!

We became SO focused on the ‘narrow road’ to be saved, that we began to believe that most of the world was evil and satanic, and that we were supposed to not even associate with anyone who believed differently than we did. We isolated ourselves from many people, including our own daughters.

We wanted to start to learn Hebrew, thinking that we were sinning if we even said the names of the days of the week, months of the year, and many other words of pagan origin (supposedly). Learning that the scriptures had been altered, we were led to read other religious books outside of the 66-book canon.

It was just at the end of December 2022 that we found The Sealed Portion. We were cautioned not to read it. We had no idea about Mormonism or the LDS church, and we were open to read anything in our pursuit of truth, because what we were doing didn’t feel right, and had begun to feel VERY wrong.

Immediately upon finishing that book, I knew I had to seek out its author, Christopher. I found him through Monica at Pearl Publishing. Then I read ‘The Truth About Religion’ and ‘Human Reality’ and started watching many of Christopher’s videos online. My husband and I are amazed, and just so glad that we’ve finally found the Real Truth!

We are now trying to mend and heal our relationships with our daughters, because we unintentionally and inadvertently hurt them a lot, due to all our mistakes made in the past two years. We never wanted to be so extremely religious, and we were so blind to the fact that we were.

My husband and I are happy to be free of the bondage of religion! We’re so thankful to start over, to know the Real Truth, and to live our lives knowing the true ‘gospel’ according to the teachings of Christopher and the Real Illuminati.

Lori-Lynn Parker


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