Peggy McMurry

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I was born and raised in the Mormon church. My mom took me and my siblings to church but my dad was not active. He was an alcoholic and addicted to pain meds for his war wounds. Plus he had a lot of other issues mainly the trauma of serving in World War II. So my family was pretty dysfunctional. For me church was more of a social thing. In the 1980s I started questioning the inspiration of the general authorities and the president of the church. So many things didn’t ring through. Along with a friend, we were searching and studying other spiritual teachings, including new age materials. While looking online for something else, my friend came discovered the MWAW and The Sealed Portion. . She shared it with me and we lost all interest in any of our other studies. I knew it was the truth. I have read all of Christophers books and read the TSP many times. TSP, The Dream of Mortal Life and the New American Scripture (which I just finished reading) are my favorites. I had been looking forward to the Dream of Mortal Life since Christopher started talking about it a few years ago. I am so grateful for the Real Truths that have been revealed In that book even though I’m still trying to understand them all. I have been following Christopher for many years online but I’ve never met or had any other communication with any of his followers.

The MWAW has changed all of my beliefs and the way I perceive the world.

Peggy McMurry

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