John A Davies

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My name is John Asmah-Davies, I was born and raised as a Mormon in Ghana, West Africa as a result of my grandmother being among the first pioneers of the church in Ghana.

I had a terrible childhood life especially with my father who cared less about the future of my siblings and I after he divorce my mother at early stage of my life. As a kid, I had serious problems with my African environment. I had a lot of unanswered questions and was so curious to know things that interest me. Things just weren’t right and kept on getting worse each and every day. Though my parent weren’t strikingly poor and could afford us twice or thrice a meal a day, I have vivid memory of those who struggle to eat a meal a day.

I have seen and felt the effect ABUSE of POWER has on people and the negative influence it brings to the common person who is always forced to make terrible decisions in order to live. This and many things caused me to place my greatest HOPE in the unseen God and His Son Jesus Christ, introduced to me by my parent right from birth, who perhaps, if I obeyed his chosen leaders and magnified his priesthood power would someday save me from this awful mess.

Preparing to serve a mission made me seriously curious to search and understand the mysteries of God. I began searching and reading every doctrinal book of the church I lay my hands on. I expanded my search beyond the recommended books of the church after my mission and began reading esoteric books and any other books or videos that give insight about the existence of life. I began to surround myself with people who share almost the same thinking pattern with me. One of my biggest concerns was about the origin of different races of men and my stand as a black man. Though I had a lot of unresolved concerns I still kept the faith burning till I was finally rescued by the name Ida Smith.

The excommunication of Ida Smith in connection with the sealed portion blew my mind off when I first heard it. I became so curious and started hunting for the sealed portion knowing its importance to me as a Mormon. I googled it and found a downloadable pdf version of it, I was surprised to find the name Christopher as the author so I extended my search on him and was completely blown off by his knowledge and intelligence.

My goodness…He is the perfect contrast of whoever you have ever envision or imagined as a Savior or a leader. His ability to break down complex subject that makes a lot of sense is unparallel to anything I know of. His knowledge in the scriptures is so deep and perfect. He knows who, where, and why those scriptures were written more than any scholar of the scriptures I’ve ever known. He perfectly knows the cause of humanity’s problems and has indisputably lasting solutions to solve them. I have no atom of doubt within me about his role as a true messenger of our world and always affirms that every time I listen to him.

Life after getting to know the real truth has been more meaningful than ever. There is absolutely no need for me to meet him physically to believe the things he knows and talks about. He is what he claims to be and I will always look up to him for real truth. I believe anyone who truly seeks to know the real truth of all things will only have to put their pride and ego behind them and apply common sense in all things and they will be amazed how much real truth they will discover through Chris.

John A Davies


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