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On April 26, 1969,  two days after my 16th birthday, my dear dad gave me the best gift he could have in the whole wide  world.   That Saturday morning he became a bit ill and achy in his neck, shoulder  and arm.   Whilst   I was rubbing some horse liniment on those areas for him, and he fell dead in my arms!  No kidding…it wasn’t until 50 years later that it occurred to me that I might have had a little PTSD experience at that time.   I mean that just doesn’t happen to everyone.   This event was of course a family tragedy, and I am not making light of it at all.  (at this time)   But it was also just what I needed at that point in my life.  Better said, it cleared the way for me to think for myself without too much input from him and he was a strong influence.   As I ponder it, the road to where I am now in life all started then.  Had he lived there is no doubt that I would have been in the military.  I have no doubt that I would have been forced to go on a mission.  I would have married the girl of his dreams.   I would have had a lot harder time becoming whatever this wretched wreck is that stands before you today.

Due to circumstances that I had something to do with, I was born into favorable conditions.  In comparison with the rest of the world, I have always realized that I have had it good.    My life has been mostly a wonderful experience, with a few shit shows thrown in for good measure.  I have no complaints at all.

Not going to go into my adventures and escapades that are an ongoing circus and have been from the beginning, if ya get my drift.    I am going to say that I have been studying and reading and watching and praying to god with the words of my mouth   since I was 16.  I had been looking for messengers to tell me what the hell happened?  Where did the old man  (45) really go?    But all I found was the ridiculous philosophies of mean men mingled with self-serving scripture.  In other words, religion was the only place with half an answer.  And I did try to accept religion in my own half assed way.

So fast forward to the time I am 60.   I had done a good job at wealth reduction.  Those are different stories for a different time.   I am parked in a semi at a truck stop some place far, far away.  I am making next to nothing and my most of my wages are being garnished by the IRS.   I am being pursued by the state of Utah on charges of Elder Abuse and mortgage fraud.  I was charged with five felonies at the time and was awaiting the speedy trial I had heard about five years prior.  For the last five years my picture had been plastered all over the Ogden Standard Examiner.  By that time I was pretty much poisonous to hire.   I was beat down I couldn’t even think about starting a business again.  I am not complaining, just trying to explain where I was in life.   So I am sitting there gazing at you tube on my phone and I keep seeing a picture of this older lady.   She reminded me of how my Grandma Ethel looked when was in my twenties.      I passed over her several times.   Finally, I asked myself two golden questions .. “why does this keep popping up?  Would I like to know more?    It was this video that really started a change my life.   This video was the end of the journey I had started on when I was 16.   This is what I had been searching seeking for so long.  It was also the beginning of my third trimester of life.  Everything in my thinking process was ready to flip 180 degrees off from where I started.

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to meet with the man Christopher a few times.   I have zero doubts about him.  He knows more about human reality than any person I have ever encountered.  He does not seek anyone’s approval for what he does.  His popularity is not at stake.   He has produced information that was not available before he provided it.  He explains what this world is all about.  I have to believe that it is true because I have heard most all of the “other crap” and nothing else has ever made more practical sense.  Christopher is a MESSENGER and he works for all of us.   If you can get past your own mortal filters, it is very easy to see.  Everything about this work can be boiled down to The Humanity Party and the Royal Law.   The answers to all the mysteries of god, all the secret combinations, all the religions of the world, all the science and all the speculation of who we are and why we exists will be revealed shortly, with clarity and completeness.  The books speak for themselves.

“Jeff, The path you have chosen will not be the easiest for you, but I believe it is the right one.”    Ida Smith.

I would be happy to chit chat to anyone about the work but really the best information is on any of the websites that are available to the public.   There is a lot more to the story than what can be spoken of here.


Jeff Wangsgard

Morgan Utah


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