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Hi, My name is Shaffina Brown and to begin my testimony, I will just say that from the beginning I was not a big fan of Christopher at all!

At that time in 2019, a friend of mine had sent me screenshots of a new book that she was reading called “The Sealed Portion, The Final Testament of Jesus Christ.” I immediately fell in love with the book before I even ordered it. Yet, as I was trying to research about the book and who wrote it, I came across a video of Christopher from years ago, discrediting any ties to the book and saying that he made it up. I was disappointed because I wanted to believe it so badly, so once I finally received the book, I was about to throw it away, thinking he was just some man who had made it up just to toy with people. However, after my friend encouraged me not to give up so easily I began to read it here and there and with even more caution because according to the Hebrew Israelite group I had put myself among and was a part of, “the book had bones in it” and it couldn’t be fully trusted.

Sometime later, after separating myself from the Hebrew Group, a brother and I who had met in the group began to read The Sealed Portion together. All of the information we read together was so truthful and amazing, and it was unlike anything that I had ever read before, and little by little, my brother showed me how truthful Christopher was. Though I still wasn’t really ready to trust in Christopher 100%, I studied Sealed Portion, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, Human Reality, A New American Scripture, and more with a group of people situated in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

It took me some time to come out of the Sealed Portion and to accept other books and a new way of thinking. I was very caught up in the fantasy and illusions of the spiritual realm and God and the Holy Spirit. So it was crushing to my ego to find out the Real Truth about it ALL. After these revelations, the new things I learned from reading on my own and studying with the group took me to a whole new level of understanding, better than any other in my life at that time.

I can’t or won’t ever claim to know anything in my 45 years of living. After being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness up until the age of 16, and then going to an African Methodist Episcopal church until I was 18, I had no real definition of religion and what was real and what wasn’t. I knew I just wanted to live my life and I would figure out God later and exactly what he required of me when I was done living in the world. I knew one day I would figure it out, but in the meantime, sin was calling me.

A true “jack of trade” in ALL sin was my expertise. However, after a miscarriage in 2007 my world came crashing in on me and the seven years that it took me to heal from it, led me immediately into a remorse of my actions to ALL, a deep shame and guilt came over me for who I had become in all of my years of life on this Earth. I lived a life of hurt, pain, and misery. My own hurt started all from the age of 5 after being molested by a family member. I lived those scars through every life decision, never taking time to breathe or love or even learn what truly loving another human being was all about. I had to look at myself in the mirror and take responsibility and realize that I mistreated others and caused them pain.

The thought of knowing that it was the pain that I had caused to others, hurt even more than any pain I had ever received. It caused a sadness in my heart and an eagerness to change my life to not hurt others. This change slowly started to happen after my sister had ordered me a book one year for my birthday. It was a religious book on how to heal from Child Molestation. For the first time in my life, I read about God in a different way. It was like nourishment to my soul, something I never experienced before. I wanted to feel more of this. I enjoyed learning about God and Jesus in a manner I never recalled when going to church. One religion, one thing or another, led me from here to there, from here to there and around. But I never stopped; I just kept going and going, learning, researching, reading and studying until this very moment.

However, to make my testimony authentic and to truly give truth to this work, “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, I must tell of where I am currently at in my life at this actual moment right now. One day recently, I had the opportunity to go to the concert of a major U.S. based celebrity, and at first, I said no to myself, not even sure why I would be interested in going. I was still meeting with the group of those who were left of the original of us who initially started studying The Sealed Portion, and I was also listening to Christopher on YouTube. I was shocked at myself for even thinking about going to a concert as such, and just shook it off. However, as free tickets were then given to me to go to the concert, I decided to go and didn’t care about anything else or anyone else’s opinion. I had a strong dislike for this particular celebrity for the past 10 years and NEVER thought I would go to see her headlining her own world tour. However, as she performed, I found myself amazed and humbled at the same time.

As I sat in that stadium with thousands of people who had come to see her just like I had, I realized in that moment, I had it wrong! How could someone righteous like me go to a wicked concert? How could I meet with the group and listen to Christopher and know the REAL TRUTH and do something like this? How could I be attracted to such so-called wickedness? I began to realize that these wicked concert goers were everyday regular people just like myself, and that these so-called wicked people were no more wicked than I was myself. I had to take another HARD look in the mirror and figure out where I went wrong. I had so-called “made it” out of the world, now here I was right back in it! OR WAS I? Wait, NO! I simply did what I wanted to; and in doing so, I enjoyed what set me free from ME. I let the FEAR GO of what anyone else thought of me and I became My Own God!

I didn’t know it at the time, but by going to the concert, I dropped the high righteous moral subconscious “I’m better than the world” attitude. In going to this “wicked” concert, I saw the hypocrisy, the judgements, the condemning, the talking down on others, not liking what others do and comparing it to my own life, thinking to myself that, “I don’t do things like that. I will never do things like this or that. I am different and set apart, because I avoid the things of the world. I will never be pulled down by the things of the world.” And here I was, being entertained by the things of the world.

But when I saw my own self and that I was just like every other human on this Earth, it leveled me and humbled me into dirt. It was then that I began to seek solace in my own thoughts and voice even more. It was then that I understood Christopher in a way that I never had before. It was like the cement of hardness I had in my heart cracked. I thought it was gone a long time ago. But no, it took a “wicked” concert to make me feel humanity, to make me see humanity through a new set of eyes and a new perspective that I didn’t see or perceive before.

When I realized All People are MY PEOPLE and I can’t begin to ever judge, look down on, speak about or try to learn what not to do from another person, my heart began to feel at peace. The PRIDE that was hidden in me was exposed to ME and cast out. At this point, I knew I had to leave the study group that I was a part of. We were no longer studying, but rather had started discussing the things we learned from Christopher. But from that moment forward, which is about a week ago as of this writing, I honestly see that true respect and equality can never be gained or enjoyed amongst humans on this Earth because of the way we look at each other, view each other, perceive each other, and how we treat each other. In being among the group, I valued the members more than others. I placed them above others. I looked down upon those who seemingly fell away or fell off. I tried to learn from the things that others in the world did wrong and even set myself up to ask others to tell me when I am wicked, thereby giving away my authority to be my own GOD and follow my own dictates. In a nutshell, I wasn’t treating/loving others or myself the way that is described on how we should treat/love each other from Christopher. This love is peaceful. It’s not about right or wrong or good or wicked. It’s just about respect and love. That’s where it starts; that’s the mutual starting point!

Yes, sure we all say we want to treat others better, but deep down inside and amongst ourselves, we treat each other like crap; and that’s just the plain honest truth. I haven’t begun to truly get what Christopher has been saying until now, am I am not too proud to say I need to keep listening. Seeing myself as others may see me, who may think I am wicked for going to a concert, is just what I needed to see in order not to ever think that way about another human again. What I am 100 % certain of is that One People, One World, One Government will never exist upon this Earth until we ALL cast Lucifer out of our hearts and realize that we know nothing and we are ALL wrong!

It is my testimony that Christopher is our last true messenger and that the works of the Real Illuminati are real and a Marvelous Work and a Wonder. I still don’t know anything and am not perfect, nor will I ever be. But I am at peace and I will continue to recognize and support the statement that only through The Humanity Party will WE ALL learn of the answers to a world of Peace and Fairness to All!


Shaffina Brown



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