Olumide Agbi

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My name is Olumide Agbi (just call me Olu). I was born in Nigeria but now l live in the U.K. I was born deaf by birth and a sign language user.

Let me say a little about myself,

I have come across about the sealed portion (the final testament of Jesus Christ) from a person whose participate Hebrew Israelite movement. I read them over a year but I understood a little bit of it.

Also I have come across Christopher’s website through YouTube by the way. As first I started reading the Dream of mortal life, and my eyes started to open a bit more, and then on I read The true history of religion so I’m glad the confusion went away unexpectedly.

Since then I started to read life of people from the supporter pages (some of them, that was it).

I have learnt that we are All 100% equal. I learn to love thyself with all your heart, soul and might which bring peace and happiness. By the way, I’m ongoing to have read other books from the real illuminati. I thank the RI for bringing the real truth.

Olumide Agbi

Here is my email address : agbi.olu@gmail.com

I don’t often make a call to be honest.

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