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My name is Kevin Mycock. I’m 60 years old. It all started when I was a sixteen-year-old kid. The Mormon missionaries knocked on my door one day and shared with me the Book of Mormon. I felt very strongly what was written in this book and carried it with me for many years, moving around. I was baptized at the tender age of sixteen and held the Aaronic Priesthood at that time, living in the outer suburbs of London.

As another year went by, I met a young family in the church—the Paul Allen family. Paul really fascinated me. He told me about the Illuminati and was always looking for the sealed part of the Book of Mormon [BOM] to come out. This was in 1980. We used to talk for many hours about differing subjects and one thing I always remember him saying that someone unknown in the church would bring out the sealed part of the BOM. This was in 1980. I kept in touch with this man for a short few years. Then he and his wife upped sticks and went to live in Brazil.

After two years in the church, I was kicked out for not attending any meetings or Sunday church, etc. (By the way, I still miss my friend Paul Allen to this day.) Anyway, I still carry the original BOM the missionaries gave me in 1979.

As the years passed by to the 2000 period when the internet came about, I started to go to the LDS Conference yearly meetings to see if the sealed part of the BOM had been announced; but sadly, nothing came out. So, the years rolled on 2008 and longer. I was in and out of jobs, a single man moving around to many different locations in UK.

Then, in 2011, I got word from my relatives that my father was very ill. He passed that year and I hadn’t seen him for many years. I don’t know why, but it greatly saddened me, maybe the guilt of wasting all those years, of not keeping in touch with him or any other family member. So, after many years of family isolation, I had to deal with my brother to take care of my father’s estate. My brother and I never got on and was difficult to deal with.

So, after two years, in 2013, after wrapping up Father’s estate with the solicitors, I got news my brother had passed in a motorcycle accident out of the blue. That pissed me off and saddened me. So, I started to question life and wanted to know what this life was all about. So I started to browse the internet with great intent, mainly the Mormon Church.

Then I came across this lady called Ida Smith talking about the SEALED PORTION and a guy named Christopher. So, I started to watch these YouTube videos of Ida about reading the damn books. I bought The Sealed Portion, the Joseph Smith biography, Sacred, not Secret, and the 666 book. After reading the books, I’ve watched many of Chris’ YouTube podcasts and listened very carefully to what he had to say.

In 2015, I was listening to Christopher on Blog Talk Radio. I managed to get through to him. I had relocated to Malta that year from the UK to fix up my mother’s apartment. I’ve lived here now to this present day and have very much enjoyed Coffee with Chris and his sharp two-edged sword and tongue-lashing. He has a great sense of humor.

Then Chris said no more Coffee with Chris, if I want to know more of the Real Truth of this world and its past. I’d like to know how the earth got covered in two-thirds of water and how it came about. I listened to what Christopher said a few days ago about “sitting on the fence,” so I decided to come forward with a testimony.

Kevin Michael Mycock
+356 2155 4699 MALTA (landline)

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