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Hi my name is Jared Rolph, and this is my story.

I was born and raised in Mesa Arizona by goodly parents. My father born in the Mormon church and my mother a convert to the Mormon church born in a little south American country called Ecuador. I was raised in the Mormon church, so I know a good majority of the way and life of a Mormon. At the age of 16 I started to read the Book of Mormon and like most I was deeply affected by that book, I started to think more deeply on life and the purpose of it all. I wanted to understand the why to everything. I wanted to understand why humans hurt each other, why we lie why we cheat, why we kill and go to war. While reading the Book of Mormon I had very strong feelings of not wanting to hurt anyone or having any desire to cause harm to another in anyway.

It was cool, I started to understand that humans have a strong desire to be valued, loved and wanted. I saw that this was the main reason for most of the negative experience that we have with each other.

I still had a lot of questions like who created god, and why do humans seek so much to be valued.

As my believe grew in the Book of Mormon my believe in Joseph Smith being a prophet increased as well. I started to believed him to be a prophet who reorganized the true church of Jesus Christ.

As I increased in my believe and faith in the Mormon church through the Book of Mormon I started to have strong desires to know the history of the church and what was taught in the early years. I wanted to learn about Joseph Smith and all of his teachings. I really wanted to know what Joseph smith taught and what the early apostles of that time taught

So I started to dig into the history of it all, I started to read the journal discourses, and different accounts that happened during that time. As I read and learn the church’s history a lot of things didn’t add up like Joseph Smith and polygamy, Brigham young and the moon people, and the translation of Abraham. There’s much more then these few and most can be found on a website called fair Mormon a website dedicated in defending the mormon church. I found this website in search of truth and all it did was create a 1000 more questions

During my time in researching the truth I found a video of someone talking about how someone translated the sealed portion. During my study of the Book of Mormon I knew how important the sealed portion was so I couldn’t help my self from investigating this mans claim. Growing up I was very familiar of the sealed portion. The story of the brother of Jared was my favorite. My name having been Jared of course I paid close attention to this part of the Book of Mormon and of course I knew about the sealed portion and how it was suppose to come to light eventually.

I found that while reading the sealed portion I would get the same burning in my chest that I got from reading the Book of Mormon. So I looked up the author of the sealed portion and found out that a lot of the things he talked about made sense.

His plan to end poverty, his thoughts on human existence, it’s all very logical and makes perfect sense. A lot of my why questions were answered through him. No one has come close to answering all my questions with Christopher’s same amount of authority, clarity and completeness.

It’s honestly just super hard not to believe Christopher and all of the information he puts out there.

It kinda sucks, but cool at the same time.

Jared Rolph



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