James Mubiru

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My name is James Mubiru living in Uganda, East Africa.

I was born in October 1978 (Uganda’s Independence Day) during President Idi Amin’s regime.

I grew up in a Christian home (Anglican Church). I came to know about the Book of Mormon when I had joined my Secondary School back in year 1993 in the Mukono District. I was introduced to the LDS Church by a family friend: Mr. Christopher B. Mugimu, who owned a school called Mukono Town Academy, where I joined my Secondary Education. It was the same school where the LDS Church first held its meetings in Mukono before having its own building.

So I am among the first LDS pioneer converts in Uganda. Both Elder Curtis Dean Draper and his wife Marva Draper from Fresno, CA, later moved to Provo, UT (both deceased). They taught me the missionary gospel lessons. That is when I came to know about the Book of Mormon and LDS doctrines and teachings.

I served in various Church callings/offices, including Young Men’s President, Seminary, and Institute teacher/instructor. I was ordained in the office of an Elder in year 1997 and later received a Mission Call from the First Presidency (Gordon B. Hinckley was the President of LDS Church by then) to serve a fulltime Mission for the LDS Church in the Kenya Nairobi Mission (1999-2001). Kirk T. Waldron was the Mission President by then.

I used to exchange friendship letters with Susan S. Goodfellow and her husband William Goodfellow (through ordinary mail back then) and they showed great love to me, encouraging me to be strong and active in the Church. Susan Goodfellow was a music professor, teaching flute at the University of Utah. This couple was very loving to me and I will never forget them. The husband is deceased now but the wife Susan Goodfellow still lives in SLC, UT.

It was around 2003, a couple of years after my mission, when I withdrew from the LDS Church due to some theological concerns and I lost almost all those whom I counted to be my close friends. It was around 2010 when I came to know about the MWAW and the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. But sadly, someone unknown hijacked my emails and I lost contact with Christopher, the true messenger.

It is a great opportunity and a blessing for me to get back into contact with this MWAW. I look forward to sharing it with my friends here in Uganda. Also, I strongly believe that the Humanity Party has the solutions that will work to end poverty and suffering in the world. I look forward to supporting this marvelous work to the best of my ability.

Please, here are my contact details for those who interested to get in touch with me:

Email: truthrevealedinchrist2021@gmail.com
Cellphone: +256776009893 (text or call).


James Mubiru,
Uganda East Africa

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