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MY STORY by: Gino Rey Gutlay The Reason Why I left the Mormon Church

Before! We joined different churches until we found the LDS Church. I was 7 years old at that time and that is also the time when my family joined the LDS Church. I am very grateful to have a wonderful parents here on earth and that they are the ones who guide me to become a good human being.

I am a returned missionary who served in Cagayan De Oro Mission from 1998-2000. I married in the Manila Philippines Temple in 2005 to a woman who also grew up in the LDS Church. We have 3 kids, they are kind and loving children. I served several callings in the LDS Church like branch mission leader, counselor in the young men presidency, branch president and counselor in the District Presidency. Even though I experienced this kind of life, there have always been many questions in my mind that have not been answered.

Years passed by. It was always a puzzle to my mind about the Real Truth and also the interpretation of the endowment and there was no concrete interpretation about this. In 2018, I heard my father and my father-in-law having a discussion about the SEALED PORTION OF THE BOOK OF MORMON that they found in the google. So! I was surprised at what I’d heard. Then, I asked my father to share a copy with me. When I got a copy, I read the book. My mind began to open and enlighten to what exactly the Real Truth is. Because of what I learned, I had a desire to share it to others. The first person that I trusted was my District President and I shared it to him but he was the reason for everything that follows. And this is how the story begins.

When I shared this Sealed Portion with him, I did not expect him to do an action which surprised me. And this is what happened. The District Presidency with the Branch President went to my Father’s house to confiscate my father’s Temple Recommend. You know what their reason was? Because they thought that we were teaching false doctrine or against the LDS church. We were only reading the Sealed Portion. But they spread something that is not true. I am very disappointed at what the LDS Leaders have done to us in our district.

After a week, we received an invitation for an interview to the Mission President and the Area Authority. This was by the initiative of our District President. And this is what happened. They told us to stop reading the Sealed Portion or sharing it to others. They asked, why are you reading this Sealed Portion that was not authorized by the LDS Church? They said that this book is not true. In my mind I thought, why did they say that this book was not TRUE? I asked them frankly, if they had read the book. Their answer was NO. I replied. Why did you say that it was not true when you have not read this book? I even asked them, why are you afraid to read this book? Why are you afraid that people will find out the content of this book? If this LDS Church is the true church, why are you afraid? I even told them during pre-mortal life, Lucifer wanted us to have no agency. I told them that they were taking away our agency. They wanted to force us to not read the book. They were speechless and even they could not answer.

The LDS leaders here in Bulan District judge us harshly, without compassion and love. I did not feel the love as a brother to them and also they despise us. But I am so very happy and I have no regret about what is happening in my life. I am so very grateful that I found the Real Truth. I am Thankful to the Real Illuminati and our True Messenger who always guide us to the things that we need to do here on Earth.

Gino Rey Gutlay

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