Diana Britt

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My introduction

I was a christian for 60 years when as a widow, I met and married a beautiful elderly mormon man. I chose to join the lds church as a love gift to my husband. I always told the leaders my intentions and they agreed I required no personal testimony of the BOM to join. When asked if I believed in the prophet I always stated that the “prophet” was the president of the church. So…I never really spoke the same language as the members.

Three years ago I wrote a letter and met with my stake president to officially leave the church. My request was denied. He said I was to separate myself from the ward to stay home and study the pure doctrine of the BOM. I was instructed to stop reading or watching anything from ldsdotorg, including talks and conferences. And in so doing we would be counted as active members by our ward.

It was after this that I was introduced to MWAW and Chris online when his videos were still open to the public.
I waited to join this group until my husband was supportive. I want to be a member because this group thinks more like I do than any other group I might choose to be a part of. It is the application of the fullness of the everlasting gospel that has changed my thinking and given me peace over the last year.

Diana Britt


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