Di Heath

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This is a world saturated with hatred and ignorance—a lonely, brutal place without any hope or redemption.

Now, imagine a man who hears a command from God:

“Leave behind the life you know and one day bless the entire world through you with the Real Truth®.”

How this will happen is a total mystery to this man but he sets out … and history will forever be transformed by his story … THE REAL TRUTH®.

We call him …


Tonite I make a stand..tonight I speak from my heart & Soul. Tonight I need to tell the world a mother’s thoughts. Tonight I tell my friends and family what my Messenger, my Son means to me.. Tonight I put my heart & soul on the table of life and solidify my true footprint upon this Earth. I have a son named Christopher, my 3rd born. He is my child, from my womb, who was born for a purpose, a calling I never saw coming. A purpose to help mankind which I didn’t know at his birth would also be my saving grace. I didn’t know that he would be the one to complete me. I didn’t know that with his birth that, to me, the world would make sense with his written and spoken word. I cannot express how in awe I am that a child born from my mortal body would one day save humanity if humanity would listen and contemplate his thoughts. I was blind to the fact that humanity even needed saving. I have 5 other dear to my heart children born from my womb. They suffered because their mother, though she loved them dearly, was lost in a dark & confusing world, confounded at everything she saw and was taught. A mother’s love that felt right but deserted her because of her own confused doubts and self worth..a burden that I alone had to bear, a burden that made no sense because because I believed I was the wrong one ..i was so fucking lost! So many questions about religion and life in general..no parental or religious answers resonated with me. So damn lost that for my own sanity I ran away. I ran away because I didn’t feel what was ‘normal’. I was never at peace..I never felt ‘me’..worthy of others, worthy of anything as I questioned everything. I ran because I could not handle what I was told to feel and didn’t feel. Now, at 75 yrs, plus change, I see a man, a messenger, who sacrificed his heart and soul for a calling that needed to be..a calling that I didn’t realize he could see… the world with it’s pious, selfish religious beliefs..It’s road to certain destruction. He knew he was chosen to impart what must be done and what can be done to save us from ourselves if we, including his mother, would set aside our programmed beliefs and just hear, see and think with our true selves, our real hearts & souls. He doesn’t threaten if we don’t heed his words He doesn’t condemn us if we don’t heed his words. His love for mankind and his calling are for us to decide what’s real. Wow! I cannot put in written words how this man, my son, opened my eyes as the answers for my questions, long sought, put my heart and soul together in it’s proper peaceful place. I can’t begin to explain how this man, my son, made me whole. I call it my Wow… A personal journey of my confused ‘self’ that took much thought yet made so much sense. But it happened! A peace so astounding to me I am in awe…just wisdom he imparted that talked to my ‘me’..lightened my burden of doubt and low esteem, gave me a clue, in my weird searching’ which road would be my path. And then this man became my messenger. He showed me, in my last rodeo as a mortal, how to connect to my real self..a connection I’ve long sought but couldn’t find…I had to find it my self but didn’t have a map..so I read his words again and again …each time getting a little more adept at understanding this map he laid out..and it happened! So…Tonight I make my stand! I stand, proudly in awe , with this man, this real messenger, my son Christopher. Tonight with my words, heart and soul I stand and support Christopher and no one can put asunder my peace at last. I know what, where and who has made my footprint valid. I’m in awe that I was chosen to bring him forth. I’m in awe that I bore this child who does what no man has done before. I’m in awe of his stand and that I may stand with him and Tonight I make my stand with Christopher Marc, my Son.

Di Heath


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