Colten Schaerrer

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Hi, I am Colten Schaerrer and this is my testimonial for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, which I hope can be of service or be for the help others. My name is Colten and I was born in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up a Latter Day Saint and was raised by two parents who believed in the church. I went to American Fork High School and did a church mission to Mexico after high school. It was a breath of fresh air being away from home for the first time and immersed into a completely new culture. I had read the Book of Mormon several times and when I read The Sealed Portion after my mission in 2019, it helped me understand more the Book of Mormon. I became obsessed with the Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon. I wish everyone would read the sealed portion so they can have the greater word and understanding of the true “god” and also the real intent for why the Book of Mormon was introduced to the Christian people of the 1800’s. In my free time, I like playing golf, skiing, and surfing (the web). I’ve only tried actual surfing on water a handful of times. I have three younger siblings and I am the oldest. I currently live in Utah. My personal number is 727-269-2392. My main email is I don’t have too many friends and at most times prefer to stay by myself and alone. It feels much easier to not burden others by my presence, because I know most times I am right and shouldn’t force myself and my ways onto others even though I’m almost always right. It’s been good learning the mysteries of “god.”


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