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To whom it may concern. I have been learning and trying to understand this work for about 11 years. Although I have not seen everything the MWAW has written and published, I am blessed to know Christopher directly. As far as I can tell, people choose what to believe. I want to believe the truth no matter what it is. 

I am fairly smart, can be analytical, and lawyeristic. The MWAW has enabled me to see the bad and some good in the world. I cannot say that it has made me a happier person. But that’s because of my own stumbling blocks and how I particularly see the truth as explained to me.

I served my LDS mission in Richmond, Virginia: the Bible Belt … trying to sell a book for people to read (the Book of Mormon). I am perplexed at why, when one sees the truth, or at least is presented with the truth, that all except one is totally blind to it.

Christopher and me go back a while and all I’ve ever wanted to do was serve him. I’ve had little to no opportunity to serve, because he knows that could limit my happiness. 

Some “Hindus” have a “Spiritual Master.” And although there has been no initiation, I believe Christopher to be my “Spiritual Master.” Here is the thing though: Christopher does not want anything but world peace. Christopher is a very smart man and I want to learn all that I can from him and ask him to remove the stumbling blocks I have.

I currently attend the ‘Hare Krishna” tradition or rather, I go to “International Society of Krishna Consciousness.” You can find me worshiping at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah on Sundays at 5 PM. Whatever my “job” is on this earth is, I have found that chanting puts me in “flow,” which is a desirable state of mind. This “tradition” is very “inwards,” where the MWAW has responsibilities to everyone.

I guess the question is, are you looking to stay and be safe, are you looking to be happy, or are you looking for “God”?

If you want escape from the shackles of religion, read Christopher’s work, or the [books of the] MWAW. Yes, I am still confused on some parts and have not had the brain space to study everything thoroughly. No doubt, mysteries would unfold as I would read.

I am very passionate about listening, serving, and helping Christopher and the Humanity Party any way I can. That’s because the Humanity Party makes sense and is the humane way we should live as a society. It’s all true.

The MWAW is the only way to truly help the world. With that said, “If you want to help, help.”

The Humanity Party will work, And it has my full support, I have signed the book of life the MWAW and have saluted Christopher in earnest attention.

You can find me worshiping at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork Utah on Sundays at 5

Brian Carpenter

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